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What Are The Best Chicken Coop Kits to buy at the moment?

Below are a list of best chicken coop kits for sale that you can own right now. When you think about owning chickens to your yard either as pets or as livestock (fresh natural eggs foe you and your family), an henhouse becomes a necessity.

The best cheapest coop kit for poultry to buy is the Prevue 465 Barn Chicken Coop

The benefits of owning coop kits for chickens are many; enough room for chickens to roam, sleep and lay eggs.

Best Chicken Coop Kit Comparison Table

ProductSize Of CoopNumber Of Chickens
66.75 x 30.25 x 41.252-4
69 x 73 x 394-6
67″L x 64.5″W x 36″H3-5
72”x 30.5”X 413-5
69 x 58 x 674-6
48 x 72 x 574-8
91.3 x 39.9 x 498-10
71 x 30 x 36″4-6
63 x 31.5 x 43.32-3
79” X 46” X 32″3-5

The Best Chicken Coop Kits for Sale

  1. Best Large Chicken Coop

The SummerHawk Ranch Victorian Teak Coop is an extra-spacious henhouse that can be used to house up to 9 hens overnight assuming they free-range during day time. This large and beautifl chicken coop has been hand built from scratch; solid fir and comes with a special shaped waterproof asphalt roof that offers protection from general weather and serves as ample shade.

The sturdy mesh covering provides protection against prey while the lockable doors allows access for the owner without hassle. Enough room is provided for hen nesting with a 3-stall nesting box located at waist height for easy egg collection.


Easy and fas to assemble, the SummerHawk Ranch Victorian Teak Coop is our choice in best large chicken coop kits.


  • Waterproof design, to guarantee the wood won’t warp in the rain
  • A very large coop – works best for animals that free range


  • The number of chickens you can keep is limited to the availability to free range them
  • Hard to transport because of its due to size
  1. Best Chicken Coop Kit Under $400

The Ardinbir Deluxe Large Wood Chicken Coop Backyard Hen House is top choice for poultry keepers looking to invest in an attractive and safe home for their large flock and is currently one of the best chicken coop kit under $400.

Built from a deep brown fir wood that has been treated with a water based anti-fungicidal animal and eco-friendly stain, this large chicken coop kit comes with a wide outdoor run large enough to comfortably accommodate 4-6 large chickens depending on breed and size.


For waterproof ability, durabvility alongside good ventilation, this chicken coop has been treated and it comes with three access doors – 1 to the front and 2 hinged doors to the side. Inside the coop, there is a sleeping area and nesting area which features a roof for fast access to eggs.

Additional security has been provided to make it fox proof – by using fox proof sliding hatches while the flat pack delivery with instruction and fitting makes assembling real easy with just a screw driver.


  • Can be used to house 4-6 regular sized chickens
  • It is waterproof


  • May eat up space because of its bulky size
  • Still quite expensive, despite being under $400
  1. Best Chicken Coop With Run

The Pawful Deluxe Large Backyard Chicken Coop/Hen House has been said to be the best chicken coop with run ever created. This tall attractive chicken coop has been built to accommodate 3-5 egg laying chickens with ease depending on their size and breed and comes with a comfortable nesting box fitting with a separator to create 2 laying areas, a simple access opening roof hatch and secure lock.


For hygiene purposes, this top chicken coop kit comes with a droppings tray that can be easily removed by sliding and this guarantees efficient cleaning. The chicken coop kit is finished off with a textured room offering protection from general weather conditions and the coop comes with 2 roosting poles.

This flat pack chicken coop is easy and fast to put together and can be put to work straight away.


  • Pretty durable
  • Comes with enough room to house lots of chickens


  • Exposed to the weather, only one small room for shelter
  • Said to be a static coop, would have a hard time moving it
  1. Best Walk In Chicken Coop

The Exacme 6060-0709 Lovupet Deluxe Chicken Coop Backyard Nest Box is our most voted for best walk in chicken coop. With spacious room that allows your flock to roam, peck and eat freely, this roomy chicken pen is tall enough to allow you to walk right in when access to your animals is needed,

The nesting home attached has been fitted with a living room for sleep with secure doors and locks suitable with almost every chicken breed.


Finished with a sloped and waterproof roof, mesh and heavy-duty wood, this sturdy chicken coop kit offers a safe environment for your birds. Hygiene is the secret when it comes to chicken coops slide put tray while the the non-slip ramp provides extra safety and security.

This item arrives flat packed and is simple to assemble.


  • Built with excellent materials
  • Taller design allows for you and I to enter the coop


  • It design makes it use a lot of space within a garden
  • Static coop – won’t be able to move with any great ease

Best Chicken Coop Kits

  1. Best Chicken Coop For 6 Chickens

The large coops and Feathers Wooden Asphalt Roof Chicken Coop remains the best chicken coop kit for 6 chickens. This large poultry coop comes with a large run to the bottom where your flock can freely run safe and sound.

It features 3 nesting bays that makes it an ideal home for working hens while still featuring easy access points throughout while providing extra security with its strong locks.


The strong asphalt roof will protect your birds with ease from the usual weather conditions while the heavy duty mesh used in it’s construction provides an extra barrier protecting your animals from potential prey.

Finished in a white/gray tone, this large chicken coop kit is our choice for larger chicken groups.


  • Design is sturdy
  • Very spacious


  • For an average person, it can be too big to move
  • Not protected from the elements getting in through the sides, wind which alters rain, etc
  1. Best Design Chicken Hut

The Advantek The Tower with Run Chicken Coop is without doubt, the Best Design Chicken Coop. Boasting of a hexagonal shaped nesting coop topped with a cone style temperature controlling asphalt room, this stylish chicken coop has been crafted with looks at it’s forefront without forgetting about functionality.

To allow easy access to nesting box while still keeping out predators, the roof has been hinged along with the side door.


A large enclosed area allows your girls explore their environment while the strong and durable mesh covering allow you sleep in peace knowing your ladies are safe. This coop is attractive and it is produced from rot resistant cypress firm guaranteeing durability for many years to come.


  • Built to last and can take a beating
  • Comes with plenty of space for the animals during the winter months


  • Lacks enough room for large numbers of chickens
  • Static coop – You’re not picking this up with any kind of ease
  1. Best Small Chicken Coop

The Pawhut 63” Farmhouse Wooden Chicken Coop with Display Top, Nesting Box and Run Area ticks meets all of our quality checks for the best small chicken coop. This 2 tiered, compact chicken coop has been built with farmhouse style in mind and it possess an open area to the back of the living box.

Out the back is a nesting box with secure lock that can be accessed with ease while the whole hut contains a metal tray which can be easily removed for hygienic cleaning.

The total chicken coop has been produced from durable wood with environmental surface protection. The run area to the end can be accessed with ease by the sloped ramp and the entire chicken coop kit is simple to put together with all the instructions and fittings added.



  • Two tiers for improved space
  • Comes with top tier is indoors for protection from elements


  • Static coop – hard to move around and pick up due to size
  • More difficult to access animals, not tall enough for people
  1. Best Simple Chicken Coop

The Merax Chicken Coop is our most loved best simple chicken coop. Offering a spacious environment for up to three chickens, this stylish chicken coop comes with a large run area with sloped ramp for your poultry to access their living area.

The full coop is topped with a black waterproof roof offering enough coverage and protection from general weather conditions and the protected fir wood is super durable and guaranteed to last.

You can with ease slide out the base tray and remove it for simple cleaning while the galvanized wire used throughout has been selected for it’s sturdy and strong qualities. The whole unit is simple to assemble and will provide your flock with a simple and effective home.



  • Built with waterproof materials
  • Strong materials make for a good structural integrity


  • Too big to pick up and handle
  • Does not give access for people into the coop itself
  1. Best Chicken Coop Kit Under $200

The Trixie Pet Products Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run offers both a spacious outdoor run and unbeatable security for your chickens. Suitable in size for two standard sized chickens or 4 bantam chickens, this budget friendly chicken coop kit features a dedicated nesting house with hinged roof for easy access and removable divider.


The sleeping room comes with features like accessible hinged roof and removable rooster pole. Extra security is provided here with the fixed movement sliding door at the top of the ramp locking your birds in and potential prey out.

This sizable chicken coop is a great choice for your pet birds and has been voted the best chicken coop kit under $200.


  • Crafted from good quality materials
  • Places for the animals to seek shelter from bad weather


  • Only big enough to contain two chickens
  • It weighs much so lifting and pick up can be hard
  1. Best Cheap Chicken Coop

The Prevue 465 Red Barn Chicken Coop is our pick in the best cheap chicken coop for sale category. Designed to offer room for only 4-6 birds depending on breed and size, this attractive looking chicken coop comes with a lot of living space while being compact enough for even the smallest of farm environments.

This specially curved asphalt roof comes with a covered running area for your birds while the hard wearing mesh covering offers protection from prey.

This well ventilated chicken coop comes with removable floors for hygienic cleaning and bolt-lock closures for additional peace of mind. Nesting hens need are met with 3 nesting slots accessed through a hinged lid making egg removal fast and simple. Lastly, the surface of this chicken coop has been finished in a traditional barn red non-toxic stain and is guaranteed to last.



  • Simple to clean with removable floors
  • Built to be protected from weather conditions


  • Slight restrictions on size and space
  • Bulky coop, harder to move than other coops

chicken coop for 10 chickens

Buyers Guide – Best chicken coop starter kit

  • While planning chicken coop installation, make sure the area you want to use will allow enough space to correctly set up and install your chicken coop.
  • It is also vital that you consider the number of chickens you’ll be able to fit into each coop, in a way that is fair on the animals
  • Is the chicken coop mobile or fixed to the ground?
  • It is best to get a chicken coop that allows for expansion later as your number of poultry increases.
  • You’ll also want to make sure that the coop properly protects your chickens from elements, and provides them a safe haven to go should the weather begin to get out of hand.
  • You’ll also want see to it that coop of your choice isn’t made of poor materials. You’ll want materials which are hard wearing and long lasting, and not wood that will warp in the rain and become unusable.

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Backyard Chickens

  • A constant supply of fresh, gmo free eggs that tastes so much better than store-bought ones. Remember, the better looked after the chicken, the better the egg will taste.
  • If you’ve got kids, owning chickens is a great idea because it gives them a sense of responsibility, offers educational benefit, teaches your children where food comes from and how to look after animals is always a good idea
  • Ensures no food is waste. Chickens will consume almost everything as soon as it reaches the ground so all your leftover food can be used to feed the chickens and of course your birds will produce fertilizer for your garden in return, making it cheaper to produce vegetable and fruits. You can even use the egg shells in your compost too.
  • Earn additional income. If you are already producing more than enough eggs for your family why not begin selling the extra eggs to friends, neighbors, or family for profit. Once they tasted these organic and healthy tasting eggs, people will come back for more and more.
  • Doing the right thing, in this world of abuse of animals and mass produced food we can’t always guarantee the welfare of the animals before it reaches our kitchen table, but producing your own foods  in your backyard like eggs you can safely know that the animals are treated the way they should

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