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Here are the top hygrometer thermometers for the money:

Top 6 Best Thermometer/Hygrometer to Buy in The Market

#1Qooltek Mini Hygrometer ThermometerCHECK PRICE NOW
#2Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer HygrometerCHECK PRICE HERE
#3Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer & HygrometerBUY IT NOW
#4Iapsales Easy to Read Reptile Tank / Egg Incubator Digital ThermometerCHECK IT OUT
#5CocoGo Digital Thermometer HygrometerBUY IT NOW
#6A&I Brooders and Incubators Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer HygrometerBUY IT NOW

Best Incubator Thermometer or Hygrometers Reviews

Using a thermometer helps you know the correct humidity level – it should not be too low or too high either.

If the moisture is not right, the eggs may hatch, but the chicks may die as a result of weakness.

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  • Qooltek Super Mini LCD Display Thermometer Electronic Temperature Hygrometer for Car Incubators and Brooders Climb Pet (Fahrenheit):

With less efforts, this super mini temperature device lets you measure the environment’s temperature and humidity fast.


It can be used in the following places: brooders, incubators, room, office or any place that needs its humidity and temperature measured.

The temperature it measures range from -40ºF ~ 140ºF and Humidity Range 10 percent RH ~95 percent RH. The Humidity Accuracy of the device is 5%, and Humidity Display Resolution is 1 percent RH.

This Mini Digital LCD Thermometer Humidity Temperature is a cool device, and it is available on Amazon here:

  • Happy Farm Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer Hygrometer/Remote Sensor:

The brand behind this chicken thermometer hygrometer is trusted. This device is designed for large and easy to read numbers.


It measures and displays temperature and relative humidity. The device features memory functions that record minimum and maximum temperature.

This egg incubator hygromer/thermometer can fit through the vent holes of the Hova Egg incubators and Little Giant (except 1588).

It’s 24-inch flexible wire allows it work remotely to measure temperature and humidity. Some other features it comes with include; dual batteries (one spare, and other in operation), flip out stand at the back and one spare.

It can be used in hatching brooders, eggs, quails, geese, pet cages and so on.

Best Incubator Thermometer Hygrometer

  • Happy Farm Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer & Hygrometer

This Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer and Hygrometer with large easy to read display can measure relative humidity and temperature range of 10 percent to 99 percent+/-5 percent RH (relative humidity).

It also measures and shows temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit by the flip of a switch. Some other features include a flip-out stand at the back and two magnets for simple mounting on metal surfaces.

It boasts of a memory function that recalls minimum and maximum humidity and temperature. It comes armed with two batteries.

It does an amazing job at hatching eggs, quail, geese, pet cages, brooders, pheasants and more.

  • Iapsales Easy to Read Reptile Tank/Egg Incubator Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

Highly efficient at measuring humidity and temperature, this device can work to monitor your room and egg incubator or pet reptile terrarium.


This thermometer/hygrometer has a Temperature Probe and Humidity Sensor Probe for the dual function. The thermometer of the device has Room Temperature sensor.

The device can measure a temperature range of between 14ºF and 122ºF or -10ºC to 50ºC and humidity of 10 percent to 99 percent. Humidity Sensor Accuracy is ±5 percent RH. It features a sharp memory that stores the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity since the last reset of its memory.

The memory reset is possible by erdicating the battery for one second. It comes with dual 35.4 inches probe cables for larger terrariums. The probes come with suction cups for mounting on the terrarium glass.

Placement of the device is simple, and there are 3 options for doing this. First, you can use a strong magnet at the back to mount it on metal surfaces.

Second, you can pinch the retractable stand for it to sit on a flat surface or table. Third, you can use the retractable clip to attach it to visor or clothes.

The unit has three built-in buttons:

  • MAX/MIN buttons for reading current/highest/lowest Temperatures and Humidity Levels
  • ºC/ºF for switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • IN/OUT button for switching from Room Temperature or Probe Temperature
  • CocoGo Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Probe for Egg Hatching Chick Incubator

CocoGo is designed to work seamlessly with incubators with no issues at all. This device features a probe that is 1.5cm long that affords it the luxury of getting into any place or incubator.

It can also be used on incubator, poultry, aquariums, reptile glass, greenhouse, and so on. This digital egg incubator thermometer hygrometer with a probe is all that you need for a perfect temperature.

Humidity can be measured on this device up to ten percent RH ~99 percent RH and humidity accuracy of +5/-5 percent. Also, the humidity resolution is one percent RH.

The temperature range is between -50ºC ~70ºC and temperature accuracy of +1/-1ºC. The temperature display resolution is 0.1ºC. However, it can only read ºC and not ºF.

  • Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer Hygrometer Celsius/Fahrenheit With Sensor

Last on our list of the best thermometer hygrometer reviews is this device. It comes with a corded sensor for simpler insertion into the incubator.

By dipping the sensor, you can easily take humidity and temperature with ease. Plus, the long cord of the sensor makes it easy for the unit to monitor remotely.

To make reading easier, this device has a large display. The device features a switch that affords it to take measurements in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

It also comes with a swivel-out stand for it to stand next to the incubator or can hang on the wall. It records Temperature Range of 0ºC~50ºC/32ºF~22ºF at an Accuracy of +/-1ºC. The Humidity Range is between 10 percentRH ~98 percent RH at an Accuracy of 60 percent +/-5 percent RH. It displays Maximum and Minimum Temperature and Humidity records on a large easy to read display. Get your own on Amazon here:

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