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Are you searching for efficient means to offer secure your hens and roosters from predators? The easiest way to keep your birds safe is to use a chicken wire. The best wire for chicken coop will protect your chicks from predators and pests.

Currently, there are multiple chicken fencing types in the market. We recommend going for galvanized hardware cloth which will offer you long-lasting outcomes.

Today, I will talk about fence for chickens which you can put in your courtyard. Pick the best wire for a chicken run and fencing so that your flocks can stay healthy, happy and live a stress-free life.

best wire for chicken coop

Let’s move forward to look into the best chicken fencing for your loved pets.

Best Wire for Chicken Coop

  1. Amagabeli Garden & Home – Hardware Cloth Wire Mesh Rolls

Amagabeli produces hardware cloth for your chicken coop will serve you in various ways. First, you can use it for window screen, garden fence, chicken runs and coops, property projects or in workshops. You can also install this mesh roll to raise the fencing or bed. The size name is ½ 36 x 50.


  • Coated with double zinc, this is rust proof and galvanized. This prolongs its service life.
  • The weaves are not very stiff but are more comprehensive. With the help of wire cutter or scissors, you can cut the wire by laying down the 19 gauge.
  • It is 1/2” galvanized hardware cloth that works excellently as poultry netting. You can keep away dogs, owls, raccoon, the scorpions, skunks and much more to save your birds, chicks, and hens.
  • In significant or projects engineering, it works as the gutter guards and tree guards. It can also sieve saw dust or generate large space for trees by working with T post stakes and wooden box.
  • You can save your garden veggies and fruits from rodents with this. Ensure that to get through, the openings of 1/2” should be tiny.

Now, you can get the perfect hardware cloth that will work for full gutters guard, rabbit fencing, chicken coop runs,. And flower beds and look after various needs of yours by keeping away small vermins like voles, moles, gophers, and other types of critters.

  1. YARDGARD 308476B Mesh Poultry Netting

This mesh poultry netting from Yardgard brand comes in 2 different size types of 25’, 50’ and 150’. You can confine small animals, rabbits, and poultry by making use of this lightweight netting in pens. Generally, it is used as the chicken wire. Ensure before weaving you galvanized this chicken coop wire.


  • It can be used for various purposes like garden fencing, storage bins, insulation retainers, decorative supports, and poultry enclosures.
  • 48” by 50’2” is the size of this hexagonal poultry netting.
  • It offers extra protection as each roll separately shrink wrap
  • It is straight and flat. 20 gauge steel is used to make this flexible and robust net. The zinc coated steel provides strength to the netting.
  • The appearance and longevity of the product are increased due to the PVC option.
  • It provides durable rust protection due to its galvanization. You will find it light in weight and economical.

Aside confining poultry, YARDGARD 308476B can also be used for the prevention of the soil erosion and the protection of the plants. , and it is preferred by pet owners, farmers, and gardeners.

  1. Mat 308498B Mesh Galvanized Poultry Netting

Sitting on #3 of our best wire for chicken coop review is Gilbert & Bennett present mat 308498B mesh galvanized netting for garden and lawn users. It is 72” by 150’2” mesh and the price range is affordable. You can get this wire for your older birds.


  • It is perfect for confining small animals
  • Comes in user-friendly packaging, you can get this lightweight hex-mesh.
  • This 2” mesh is ideal for the coverings of the frame and window, projects of crafts and art, for the support of flower and vegetables, erosion of the soil, cages for small animals and protection of the plants.

If you’re in the market for pullet wire or full grown chickens, then this wire for chicken house meets your needs. The fence weight is light and will help you in keeping the animals out of your precious garden.

  1. Amagabeli garden & Home – Mesh Welded Wire

The Amagabeli mesh welded wire is perfect for both home and garden use. The wire size for the chicken run is 1/2 48×100. You can install this high quality and sturdy mesh wire with no hassle.


  • It is used for fencing and pest control screen. The cloth mesh can be cut with tin snips, and for particular project types, you can shape it to your taste.
  • It is multi-purposed so it can work as the tree guards, drains, under eaves, rabbit fence, coverings for window and scree, chicken run, soil sifter and lot more.
  • This galvanized hardware cloth is 19 gauge, and the size is 48” x 100’. It is durable and resistant to rust due to the coat of double zinc.
  • Because it is tight and flexible, it keeps crawling arachnids out.
  • It promotes root growth and allows drainage; keep away rodents, bugs, and small animals. Your herbs and vegetables will be protected from this gardening pest control mesh.
  • It will keep your hens, birds, chicks, and rabbits safe. The owls, snakes, raccoon, skunks, and a German shepherd will be kept away due to the large enclosure.
  • It can be used to create large space for trees or take soil dust projects as it works with T posts and wooden box. It serves as the gutter guards and tree guards.

With this wire for chicken coop at hand, you will enjoy great chicken run security and amazing fencing for gardens. It holds long service life which will serve you like the grazing frames, tree guards, or can be used to build a chicken tractor. It keeps away animals and insects while protecting your garden and vegetation.

  1. Fencer Wire Galvanized Mesh Hardware Cloth

If you are searching for galvanized mesh hardware cloth to use around daily home projects, workshops, or gardens, then make use of this chicken fencing which is made by Fencer Wire. The size name of the unit is 36” x 50’.


  • It is light in weight, economical and flexible.
  • It id durable and rust resistant as a result of the dual zinc coat. It is uniformly welded and galvanized.
  • You will find it perfect for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, snake fence, full gutters and much more. The wire is 23 gauge with an opening of 1/4”
  • Your personal property will be repaired, protected and replaced by making use of this hardware cloth.

This hardware cloth is mostly used for low-budget temporary enclosures. It come in different gauge. By selecting the proper size, your birds can run in proper space. It keeps out the predators by gibing small holes. For maximum security, ensure the fence is partly underground by digging a shallow trench before the installation.

  1. Easy Gardener Deer Block

Easy Gardener is the leading producers of one of the best wires for the chicken coop. You can use netting for various purpose. It serves the purpose of blocking deers from your garden. If what you need is a fool-proof way to keep your flock safe, then this wire is your best bet!

  • Your vegetation and fruit trees can be protected From garden pests and thievery birds.
  • You can set up this simple to use roll as a fence or plant cover.
  • This deer fence netting will not corrode or rust since it is made of sturdy material.
  • It measures 7’ x 100’. The crops and property will be protected from deer and other animals.
  • It is light in weight and blends smoothly into the surroundings.
  • You can secure your birds by covering the top of the coop with this net.


This net is more durable and will keep your hatchlings safe from predators. It can handle the heat of the sun and will not deteriorate. The wild birds will lose access to your chicken pens if you use this robust and durable wire at the top of their pen.

  1. YARDGARD 308229B Mesh Hardware Cloth

The  Yardgard 308229B mesh hardware cloth from Gilbert & Bennett comes in unique styles and sizes. You will find it resistant to rust due to double coats of zinc.


  • It features 23 gauges which provides strength.
  • It is flexible and light in weight. You can quickly assemble it.
  • You can use it for animal control, gardening purpose and for designing property lines.
  • This hardware cloth is made up of galvanized steel which you find economical, and the roll is 1/4”. The mesh is 4’ x 25’.

YARDGARD 308229B will serve you in many ways. It will work as the gutter guards, crafts projects, screen doors, animal controls,  and many other purposes.

Reviews of Chicken Coop Wire

From the list shared above, you now have an idea about the top rated chicken coop wire. Use this knowledge in picking the best wire for chicken coop. You won’t regret your decision as the best wire for your chicken coop will keep your feathery friends secure and safe.

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