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The healthiest and happiest chooks are by far the most productive. Whether you’re raising chickens for their meat or eggs, these beautiful and quality walk in chicken coops are sure to keep them secure and relaxed.

Walk In Chicken Coop

Check out our list of the best walk in chicken coop and run enclosures!

Best Walk In Chicken Coops for Sale

Read on to discover your chicken’s next coop:

  1. Best Budget-Friendly Walk-In Chicken Coop

  • Pull out tray that is simple to clean
  • Affordable without size sacrifice
  • Features Asphalt roof
  • Roosting bars, Nesting box & ramp included
  • Wood and galvanized wire construction


If you are just getting started raising chickens, you’ve probably already begun investing a little cha-ching here and there for the basics, so maybe you want a large walk-in coop that is a easy on your wallet.

The Coops and Feathers large chicken coop is a great place to start. For one, the coop is larger than most of the chook houses you find under $1,000 and it just tall enough for you to walk into the run if you need to.

Now, you can’t walk into the actual coop, but being able to scoot into the run will come in handy when you need to do some cleaning, grab founts and feeders, or catch a hen for medical treatment.

  1. Best Coop for Predator Protection

  • Built to keep predators out
  • Easy access to nest boxes for eggs
  • Ships completely assembled
  • Built-to-last roofing


The Clark Wooden Originals Salt Box chicken coop is one of the smaller walk in coop on our list equipped with all the bells and whistles when large or small predators are a concern for you and your ladies.

This coop is built to withstand all predator kinds with window screen and an intense dead-bolt lock.

Even the nesting box access is hefty, yet making egg collections an easy task.

Aside being a safety-focused walk-in coop, it is built with shingles to give a service year of about 25 years.

And, while it’s a shorter coop, a little bit of effort is all you need to walk-into this coop for cleaning

Clark Wooden Originals states that they “…want their customers to purchase the proper housing for their chickens the first time around.”

  1. Best Walk-in Coop for Lots of Chickens

  • Can contain to 15 standard-size chickens
  • Super sturdy & can take a beating
  • Dual vents for excellent ventilation
  • Treated resin flooring and sides
  • 5 nesting boxes and 2 roosts
  • Radiant barrier ceiling to keep coop cool in summer


The OVerEZ Large Chicken Coop can house up to 14 standard-sized chickens, so if you have a good number of rooster, hens and chicks to home, this is a perfect walk-in coop for you.

This coop has excellent ventilation with windows and 2 vents and is sturdy – which is super important if you are housing many chooks at once.

Having lots of chickens means lots of waste and odors, and this coop can prevent both with treated resin floors and siding.

Again, something important for a coop with lots of birds.

Walking-in to the OverEZ coop is, well, simple! The construction is strong and you won’t feel like you are about to fall through a flimsy floor when you are cleaning this coop!

  1. Most Customizable Walk-in Coop
  • It’s materials keeps predators out
  • Is spacious
  • Boasts of High quality galvanized steel tubed frame
  • Rust Resistant construction for outdoor use
  • Waterproof UV Resistant Cover


If you want to have 100% creative freedom over your chicken walk in coop and provide them with an ample amount of space to run safely, the Idealchoiceproduct is the way to go.

This walk-in chicken coop allows you to add your flair to it if you want! It is a large, galvanized, rust-resistant run with a waterproof, UV-resistant cover to protect your chickens from hot days or direct sunlight .

It you so wish, you could add anything from an extra nesting area attached to it to a smaller coop on the inside of this run. The options are endless.

The best part of this coop is that you can get in and out with ease without having to crawl and duck around in your chicken’s mess.

It’s also sturdy enough to protect from “the usual” predators as long as you take the necessary precautions to stabilize the run.

  1. Most Decorative Walk-In Coop

  • Built/Designed well
  • Exterior nesting bays makes access to eggs easy
  • Free Range door
  • High peaked Roof
  • Well ventilated


This lovely walk in chicken coops for sale falls under the most decorative category.

Truth be told, this coop is killer in many important areas of coop plan building and construction.

The Coops and Feathers Wood and Wire Coop features a top-class design without sacrificing ornamental value.

The doors and windows all have adorable trim that makes this coop appear like a little dollhouse.

You can walk with ease into the run and the coop itself, so your chickens are accessible no matter where they are.

No doubt, this is one of the best walk in chicken coop and run for the money.

This Coops and Feathers Chicken Coop is one of the largest walk-ins on this list, so if you want your birds to have enough room to stretch their wings in style, without sacrificing safety or functionality, this is your coop!

  1. Sturdiest Walk-In Coop

  • Well Ventilated
  • Comes totally assembled
  • Houses up to 10 chickens
  • Wood is pre-treated
  • Cleaning is simple because of glass-board floor


The Furniture Barn’s Extra Large Hardwood coop is constructed to provide long service years and comes fully assembled.

It is well-ventilated with the option to house up to 10 chickens.

The woods used in the build are treated to ensure you get maximum life from this coop especially after the wear and tear of housing multiple generations of chicken over the years.

A glass-board floor makes this coop one of the easiest coops to clean on the list. Juts shovel, sweep, and spray this coop out to ensure your chickens have a cleanly laying environment and place to call home.

When it comes to picking the best walk-in coop online, your options are limitless! The coop you decide to choose should always put chicken health, and safety at the forefront.

If the coop can easily be cleaned on the inside and offers ample ventilation and room, you can’t go wrong.

Plus, having a cute coop to keep your precious babies is important so visual appeal shouldn’t be ignored.

However, purchasing a coop isn’t your only option here, some build their own coop. These are just a few quality walk-in coops, there are even more types of coops you can shop.


  1. Pets Imperial Dorchester Chicken Coop

This versatile walk-in chicken coop for sale is built/designed to last for years and turn the smartness of even the most persistent predators to foolishness.

The ark-shaped design is beautiful and unique.



It features tongue and groove timber — this enclosure is made to last!


This enclosure comes in dual boxes and must be assembled on site.

  1. Pets Imperial Monmouth Large Chicken Coop

This walk in coop and run comes at a bargain and boasts of features only more expensive coops come with.

You’ll love the opening roof.



The Imperial is built out of quality materials with a predator-proof guarantee at a bargain price.


The smaller size only comfortably holds 3 large or 4 medium-sized hens.

Factors to Consider Before Owning a Walk-in Coop

  • Sturdy Construction

The sturdier the coop, the better it does at keeping predators away and protects your birds from weather elements.

When picking the best walk in coops, ensure the wood is hefty and not light-weight.

  • Treated Wood

Using treated wood is a bit controversial since most treatments are done with chemicals.

With that being said, chooks are wet, messy, and in conditions like that, untreated wood just does not last.

Aside this, it gets moldy fast, and mold leads to respiratory issues, among other things.

  • Ventilation

Every good coop should have vents, or openings, to allow for fresh air flow. Having good air circulation prevents respiratory issues and keeps moisture from feces from building up.

  • Nesting Boxes with Easy Access

Trust me, you certainly do not want to be tripping over your chickens when you are collecting your breakfast eggs!

Even walk-in coops should have external access to nesting boxes – just to make life a bit easier.

  • Easy-to-Clean Designs

Search for coops with removable floors, treated floors, or even milk board bottoms.

Doing handstands trying to clean the nooks and crannies of your coop will become quite the chore, so always consider ease of cleaning when selecting your walk-in coop.

  • Predator Proof Elements

Looks for coops that have tightly-locking runs and doors that are sturdy rather than flimsy.

Windows should have screens on them to prevent predators from getting in and killing your flock.

To take the hard work out of looking for your ideal, I’ve put together this handy list of best walk in chicken coops for sale, while bearing all of this in mind.

All you need to do is pick one!

Factors To Consider Before Building A Walk In Chicken Coop

If you plan on doing walk in chicken coops DIY, then planning must be done first before building. And before planning, there are things that we should brainstorm.

We have put together the things that you need to consider before proceeding to build a walk-in chicken coop.

  • Location

First, consider the location where you want to build your coop. Is it spacious enough? Does it allow good air ventilation? Picking the location should be prioritized since this will eventually affect your chickens’ overall health.

  • Material

Pick materials with the qualities that can withstand time and outlast counterparts. It is also good to pick eco-friendly ones.

  • Number of Chickens

Deciding on the number of chickens to own can allow you estimate space you require to prepare before building a coop.

Space is a vital factor in promoting good health for your chickens. They require enough space to move freely without needing to crouch all the time.

  • Budget

Make a budget that will not rip the bank. Providing your chickens with the shelter they deserve is key, but if you cannot afford it, you need not compromise anything juts to have it.

When it comes to fiancés, it is important to know your limitations. There will always be good options that will fit a pre-budget; all you need to do is to find the right one.

Final Word 

The best walk in chicken coops for sale comes with lots of benefits. Many of these cannot be derived from smaller ones.

If you simply want to get them the best that you can, ensure their shelter is not only a shelter, but also something that feels like home.

It is important for us to take care of them in all aspects to make them thrive and buying the best walk in coop for chickens is one of those ways.


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