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People love to get a good deal. They love the thought of getting more for their money than what they paid. You know… “two for one deals,” or “more bang for your buck”. For anyone who is into agriculture or gardening, being able to use chicken tractors is really a good bargain indeed.

Although it is used as one thing, it actually helps to accomplish many more things in the process. 

There are numerous people who raise chickens in their backyard. There are outcomes that can result from raising chickens.

You can have fresh eggs in the morning to either sell or eat. The same thing goes for chicken meat. In addition, there are people who raise chickens in order to sell baby chicks for profit.

Guide on Chicken Tractors

It does not matter what your goal is for raising chickens, the chickens will need somewhere to live.

There are literally tons of chicken house plans on the internet. It is just a matter of going online and choosing the one that you like the most. But, before you make your selection, this article is going to provide a few reasons for why you should consider chicken tractors as an option.

Garden or Chicken Farm?

Chicken Tractors

First of all, what is a chicken tractor? It is a chicken house that does not have floor. They do not weight much and are portable. Most of these homes are built as an “A” frame house. Some might even have wheels on one end so that they are easier to transport from place to place.

Chicken tractors get their name from the fact that they allow the chickens to till, cultivate and fertilize the soil. Because these houses do not have floors, the chickens can scratch at the ground, pull out the insects that they want and lay chicken poop without any worries.

What is left is the perfect setting for a garden. The land is perfectly cultivated and ready for gardening. So in actuality, the homeowner ends up with both a garden and a chicken farm. This is truly a big two for one deal.

Chicken Tractors make for Less Work

For both the gardener and the farmer, this is a huge plus. Chicken tractors make it easier to maintain a garden or a chicken farm. First, for the chicken farmer, the missing floor in chicken tractors means that the chicken house will never have to be cleaned out.

As a matter of fact, the chicken droppings help to get the land ready for the gardening process. Second, for the gardener, the same missing floor means that less work is needed to get the garden ready before planting. The chickens have done all of the work.

Cheaper Equipment 

When using chicken tractors, you will not have to spend as much money. As the name implies, chickens take the place of expensive tractors, ploughs or tillers that you would normally have to use if you gardened in the traditional manner.

In addition, because natural fertilizer is created from the chicken droppings, commercialized fertilizer will not be needed for your garden. So all in all, this is a wonderful way to save money as well as the environment.

Chicken Tractors Are Portable

They can be moved to any location that the homeowner sees fit. Whenever the chickens have tilled one location of the yard, the chicken tractor can be moved to another location of the yard in order to make way for the new garden that the homeowner wants to begin.

This would also be a great way to fix patchy areas of the backyard. Just let the chickens do the work to till the yard and then plant seeds for green grass.

This would not be possible with a permanent chicken house because those houses cannot be moved to different places. You would be stuck with one central location.

Chicken Tractors Require Some Building Preparation

Chicken coops serve as both shelter and protection for chickens. As a result, there are so many things that go into making sure that chicken coops are safe and provide for the basic needs of a chicken. They need to be in a warm, dry and safe place.

Normally, the homeowner would have to account for these things at the time that the chicken house is being constructed. The home has to have the proper ventilation so that they are warm, but not too cold.

In addition, they must have plenty of sunlight so that the area does not get too damp. Most importantly, they have to be constructed well enough to keep the chickens in and predators out. Chicken tractors are constructed with mostly chicken wire that lets in plenty of sunlight and air.

In addition, it keeps the chickens inside and the lurking predators outside.

If you are raising chickens, there are many options for sheltering your chickens. However, there are many benefits of using chicken tractors. When used properly, they provide many benefits for both chicken farmers and gardeners alike.

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