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The progress in technology has brought about the invention of incubators – a machine used to hatch eggs. An incubator is a machine or device to keep eggs safe and hatch them at the appropriate period.

People who own poultry farm(s) or are raising birds as pets understand the importance of giving the appropriate environment for eggs to hatch. There are lots of incubators available in the market today. But, the most performing is the best cabinet incubator for chicken eggs.

Top 3

.1 Digital Sportsman Incubator – CHECK ON AMAZON

.2 OrangeA Reptile Egg Incubator – CHECK ON AMAZON

.3 Pinon HatchFarms Incubator – CHECK ON AMAZON

best cabinet incubator

These incubators have the feature of turning eggs and regulating temperature.

So, without taking more time, enjoy this list of the best cabinet egg incubator reviews!

Comparison of the Best Cabinet Incubator for Sale

The humidity level and other factors that keep a check on the eggs can be monitored. Using one of the best small cabinet incubator is simple and it saves lots of time. So, to select the ideal incubator, I am recommending a list of the best cabinet incubator for chicken eggs.

To make things simpler for newbies, I also added directions to use the incubator within this post. Here are some alternatives for best incubator for eggs below:

  1. Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 

Being one of the best cabinet incubator for chicken eggs, this digital egg hatcher has won the hearts of many for its smooth working life and premium quality build. It has both an hatcher as well as an incubator. It features 3 turning trays to incubate eggs and 1 hatching tray to the bottom.


The incubator is produced from high strength plastic board. It makes less noise, easy to clean and is well insulated. So if you are a chicken momma who is starting to set the farm with a small flock, you can go for this option.

Key features:

  • The incubator is armed with an electronic egg turning control.
  • The incubator settings can rotate 3 egg-trays so that the hatching tray can accept the eggs from each tray in once circle.
  • The digital thermostat is accurate and is complemented by an LCD displaying the humidity and temperature in the incubator.
  • It has an on-board computer that helps in monitoring and controlling the environment. It also updates and shares the data with you.
  • The incubator is ideal for hatching all types of eggs such as chicken eggs, quail eggs, turkey eggs and much more.
  1. OrangeA Reptile Egg Incubator

Another excellent option for purchasing in this best cabinet egg incubator reviews is orangeA incubator. It employs thermoelectric technology that helps in heating and cooling this unit. It comes with a built-in power converter.


The incubator has a temperature range of 0-60 degrees Celsius. It can maintain the consistent temperature for providing the ideal incubation environment. The incubator also features a fan that distributes temperature evenly inside this device.

Key features:

  • It minimizes the loss of eggs by accurately heating and cooling where needed.
  • The strong exterior and updates interior shelves makes cleaning the incubator easier.
  • The device also has 2 sliding compartments that offers more space for hatching the eggs.
  • The incubator comes with an LED display along with an internal illuminator. The user can view the conditions inside the device without negatively affecting the process.
  1. Pinnon Hatch Farms Cabinet Incubator Hatcher

Pinnon Hatch Farms is one reputable name when it comes to durable incubator hatcher. This top cabinet incubator type offers an accurate and efficient thermostat. It also features an LCD to show the humidity and temperature levels in the incubator.


You can monitor the conditions inside with ease as a result of the on-board computer. There are 3 automatically turned trays along with a hatching tray at the incubator bottom.

To set the eggs, simply remove the loaded egg tray from the storage and place the tray on the turning rack. The incubator settings gives room for all 3 trays to rotate such that one egg is taken for hatching from each tray during rotation.

Key features:

  • Some call this a commercial cabinet incubator because it can be used for 288 chicken eggs, 1368 quail eggs or 162 duck eggs.
  • The cabinet incubator is built from high durable plastic board. It is simple to clean and keeps the interior quiet and well insulated.
  • The incubator comes with 6 hatching trays pieces. There are options available in the size of the tray.
  • The thermostat operating range for this incubator is 60 – 103 degree Celsius Fahrenheit.
  • The plastic trays inside the incubator offers a great system for spraying disinfectants on eggs, gathering and storing them as well
  • The units are assembled individually by the skilled craftsmen after testing the operation and calibration of the incubator.
  1. Digital Hatcher Incubator 1550


This digital hatcher is built out of premium-grade plastic board, which makes it really convenient and well insulated. The manufacturers assemble each unit separately after testing the device for calibration and operation.

The temperature range this incubator produces ranges from 60 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit, which depends upon the room temperature.

The hatcher bears 5 hatching trays, 1 moisture pan, 2 wick pads, 4 hatching tray covers and an instruction manual to operate it. The only drawback to using this efficient incubator is that you have to turn each egg by hand in the tray.

Key features:

  • It is uniquely designed to match the ideal conditions for hatching eggs.
  • The incubator has visual/audio indicators for monitoring the environment.
  • There is an LCD in the incubator to view humidity and temperature of the incubator. It also provides an accurate thermostat.
  • There are 5 hatching drawers and unlike incubator, these hatchers operate at a different humidity and temperature to hatch the eggs.
  • It can handle up to 1260 quail eggs or 340 chicken eggs , which is perfect for beginners as well as for the people who have begun setting their farm.
  1. Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet Incubator


The last option on the list of the best egg incubator reviews is the Brinsea Ova-easy cabinet incubator. It has a high capacity and amazing performance. The device has a digital control system to monitor the conditions of the incubator without problem.

One can with ease handle the eggs with the help of menu-driven options. It is an energy efficient insulated cabinet that makes it simple to clean. The incubator is specially designed to hatch a large number of eggs.

The machine offers the optimal conditions for hatching eggs.

Key features:

  • It is equipped with an easy to use humidity readout and alarms for temperature.
  • The incubator has a laminar flow that helps in eliminating the cold spots in it.
  • There is a free two years manufacturer guarantee on this incubator.
  • The incubator comes in two sizes: 380 model that can hold up to 384 chicken eggs and model 190 has the capacity of 192 eggs.

How to Use Egg Incubator?

Ensure you read all instructions carefully laid out in the manual as soon as your bought incubator lands in your hands. Clean the incubator trays with a damp cloth and bleaching solution. Get rid of all debris and dust. After that, keep the incubator in a place with little to no sudden temperature changes. Preheat the incubator at 75 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours before keeping the eggs in it.

Calibrate the temperature to 100-105 degrees F to warm the eggs. Keep a check on the temperature and humidity levels of the incubator. Mark the eggs and keep them in the incubator. Eggs should be incubated after 7-10 days they are laid.

Turn the eggs 3 times in every 24 hours to guarantee they are correctly incubated. Stop turning eggs 3 days before hatching. Generally, eggs take 21-28 days to hatch.

Concluding remarks

Knowing what the best cabinet incubator for chicken eggs is a must-have device for a person who has begun poultry farming. It protects the eggs against environmental harshness, predators and other factors as well. The eggs stay in the best condition which greatly minimizes the risk of egg loss. It is our hope that the knowledge shared in this article helps you in deciding the best small cabinet incubator out of the many best cabinet egg incubator reviews.

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