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The top performing chicken coop odor neutralizer is one that not only eliminate chicken coop odor but also effectively works as a chicken coop odor control and removal.

Our most voted is – Chicks Fresh!

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Best Chicken Coop Odor Control

Personally, I have 6 coops and it was hard late last year to keep them in top condition at all times with my new job.

And so I began to search for the perfect fix – The Ultimate chicken coop smell remover!

I stumbled upon one and was skeptical, I ordered it via Amazon, got it, tried it and oh boy! This spray saved my sanity!

It smells nice, is non-toxic, and certainly makes bird observation times much more pleasant and enjoyable for both my girls and I.

Want to know the best part?

It is great to eliminate ammonia smells in many small animals not just chooks. It really works!

Features at a Glance

  • 100% Natural and a Safe Spray for Chicks and other Pets.
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  • Smells Great abd Batural
  • Works anytime, and anywhere e.g. it in brooders, coops, nest boxes,chicken runs, cat litter boxes, carpet, hard wood flooring, rabbit hutches, guinea pig & hamster cages, trash cans, etc.
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Best Chicken Coop Odor Control

How To Eliminate Chicken Coop Odor & Keep Your Chicken Coop Smelling Fresh

Previously, we shared the best chicken coop odor control product. However, we would like to share more tips on how to keep chicken coop odor under control.

No doubt chooks are lovely to own but the odor which can become stronger over time is one that you, your family (or neighbors) will hate.

A dirty and smelly coop laden with bacteria and pathogens may also put your chickens at risk.

Here are some easy tips to help you get the odor level under control.

  • Clean Consistently

This may not sound the most pleasing but nothing beats the good ol’ soap and elbow grease. Chicken coops must be cleaned out every other week to guarantee your chickens health.

Begin by removing all soiled droppings and bedding. Shovel them into a bin and you will now have yourself really good compost which you can then use as fertilizer.

Next, you should hose down the complete coop using pressurized water and soap to eliminate stubborn stains.

Scrubbing the coop using vinegar and water solution will also work to disinfect the coop. You should never use bleach as they contain chemicals that would harm your birds.

Dried poop may become harder to remove and will need some extra scrubbing.

Once that’s completed, air-dry your henhouse by opening up all windows and doors. Lastly, fill the coop with fresh bedding and watch your girls rush in.

  • Pick the right bedding material

Selecting the right bedding also plays a big role in chicken coop odor control and freshness smell.

Good bedding absorbs moisture, provides insulation, and also helps reduces nasty odors in a coop.

Wood chips or wood shavings are the best as they have super absorbent qualities and smell naturally fresh.

Straw is one general material used due to its being cheap. Straw cannot handle moisture as well as wood shavings and may begin to smell bad faster if not regularly replaced.

The primary culprit of the smell is often damp or wet bedding. Thus happens when rain water or a waterer leaks into the coop.

Once you notice this, immediately replace the soggy bedding with dry ones. This acts as a chicken coop smell remover.

Sand can also be used as bedding if you so desire. It does a fine job of coating the poop (much like a kitty litter) making it simpler to be sifted and scooped out.

The only downside to using sand is that it is rather costly. You should however treat it as an investment because sand does not rot like wood shavings or straw , making them last longer. This saves you money in the long run.

  • Plant Fresh flowers and herbs around the coop

Does your chicken coop smells after rain?

A natural way of overpowering odors is to plant different types of fresh flowers and herbs around the coop area.

Try planting lavender, mint, rosemary, thyme or basil. These herbs work amazing jobs in getting rid of flies too and serve as homemade chicken coop deodorizer! As for flowers, I would recommend planting lilac, star magnolia or our personal favorite – sunflowers – all of which smell heavenly.

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  • Ensure proper ventilation

This is the simplest and 4th option of chicken coop odor control methods.

No easier means to eliminate chicken coop odor than to provide sufficient ventilation. This can be achieved by installing vents and windows in the coop.

Additionally, using a fan to increase the airflow on days where there is hardly any wind. Enough ventilation will help in bedding drying and ridding the place of too much moisture thus keeping the smell under control.

So, How do you stop chicken smelling?

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