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Raising poultry for meat, eggs or as pet(s) has quickly become a growing habit for both country side and city-folk. But, processing meat can be both frustrating and tedious – especially defeathering.

This is where an automatic chicken plucker can really prove handy. In this article, we shall break down the 8 best chicken plucker machine on the market and highlight what each one does best.

Yardbird 21833
(Editor’s Choice)
1101.5 hp20 inYes2Check Price
KITCHENER921.2 hp20 inYes2 – 3Check Price
EZPLUCKER EZ-1511291 hp23 inNo2 – 4Check Price
Josas24N/AN/AN/AN/ACheck Price
RITE FARM PRODUCTS1143 hp22.5 inNo4 – 5Check Price

We honestly believe that the  Yardbird 21833 is the best performing product. Keep reading to find out if this product will do the magic for you.


Best Chicken Plucker Machine

Best Chicken Plucker Machine For the Money

Yardbird 21833
(Editor’s Choice)
1101.5 hp20 inYes2CHECK PRICE
KITCHENER921.2 hp20 inYes2 – 3CHECK PRICE
EZPLUCKER EZ-1511291 hp23 inNo2 – 4CHECK PRICE
  1. Yardbird 21833– Fastest Chicken Plucker

Yardbird is a subsidiary brand of the outdoor product producer Ardisam. With more than 50 years of experience under its belt, Ardisam put in lots of work into the Yardbird 21833.


Yet, the most impressive quality of the Yardbird 21833 is its power which translates directly into speed in this instance.

This is the reason we rated this as out fastest poultry plucker reviewed, though that rating explicitly is for defeathering a single bird.

Granted, Yardbird 21833 actually has the smallest capacity, so that may not be too meaningful of a distinction.

Don’t Blink

It is vital to remember that the speed of a chicken plucker is directly tied to two primary specs and can be influenced by a secondary feature as well.

The good news is that the Yardbird 21833 comes top in all of these categories and is able to continuously defeather a chicken in about 15 seconds.

This has a lot to do with the fact that the Yardbird chicken plucker has one of the most powerful motors that we saw at 1.5 hp.

Plucking Convenient

When you pair this power with a high quality 110 plucking fingers as well as a built-in irrigation system to simplify the cleanup process and prevent buildups, everything comes together quite smoothly.

Lastly, the complete machine is fastened to a frame set on wheels to make moving the Yardbird 21822 hassle-

This remains one of the Best Way to Pluck a Chicken


  • Features 110 plucking fingders
  • Comes with irrigation
  • Has a 1.5 hp motor
  • Bears a 20” diameter tub
  • Simple to transport
  • Takes approximately 15 seconds to defeather


  • Certainly not the largest capacity
  • Poor shipping care

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  1. Kitchener FP100– Best Budget Chicken Plucker

The Kitchener may not be a top dog in the United States, but across the globe, it is known as one of the bigger OEM kitchen appliance makers that is now providing its products to a broader consumer-grade market.


This unique model is reasonably solid in terms of performance and specs, but the value and service life that this product provides is out of this world.

Because of its abilities, we have giving in to the need to name this our best budget chicken plucker and name it one of the best chicken defeathering machines out there.

Ti’s true that the Kitchener is nowhere near the best chicken plucker machine we saw, but with a price that is anywhere 30 percent to 3 times less than its competitors, you do not really need the best.

The 20” diameter tub is more than sufficient for a small number of birds while the 92 soft fingers, with a rating of 55 on the hardness index, quickly take out the feathers.

Quick and Clean

This poultry plucker machine also features a built-in irrigation system to make cleaning the plucker after use much simpler.

Lastly,  the 1.2 hp motor is more than powerful enough to defeather a single bird in roughly 15 to 30 seconds. The Kitchener also comes with a wheeled frame that allows you to execute mobility it if need be.


  • Simple to transport
  • Bears irrigation
  • Contains 92 plucking fingers
  • Has a 1.2 hp motor
  • Has a 20” diameter tub
  • Takes 15-30 seconds to defeather


  • Its QC is questionable
  • Certainly not the largest capacity
  1. EZPlucker EZ-151– Largest Chicken Plucker

Labeled the best commercial chicken plucker machine, The EZPlucker which started as a small-scale solution to local farmers and later sprang forth into the internet to sell its creations is now one of the premier producers of consumer-grade pluckers.


The EZPlucker EZ-151 is actually only the second-largest model in the EZPlucker lineup but is still the largest chicken plucker that we reviewed.

In fact, the EZPlucker EZ-151 takes leads in a number of different qualities and specs. Though, you will have to provide your own irrigation ring and pay top dollar for the top product on the market.

Best Specs

The mout-watering spec of this commercial duck plucker starts with the tub which measures an impressive 23” diameter.

Next, it has the most fingers (129 in total) that defeather a chicken anywhere from 10-30 seconds.

One thing we did find a bit odd here is that such amazing machine has the lowest motor power on our list at only 1 hp.

Yet, this does not seem to play out as any meaningful weakness since the EZPlucker defeathering machine can strip a bird of its feathers as quick or quicker than most of the pluckers on our list.

Big Boy

That said, the large size of this feather plucker machine tub allows this bird plucker to hold up to 4 birds simultaneously.

In fact, this particular model was designed to accommodate birds as large as a 25-pound turkey.

It will interest you to know that the EZPlucker EZ-151 is basically marketed as feather plucker for pretty much all livestock fowl.

For easier portability and mobility, the EZPlucker EZ-151 comes with a wheeled frame.


  • Has a 1 hp motor
  • Has the most fingers at 129
  • Transportation is easy
  • Has the largest tub at 23” diameter
  • Only takes 10-30 seconds to defeather
  • Can hold 2 to 4 chickens at a time


  • It lacks irrigation ring
  • Most expensive chicken plucker reviewed today
  1. Josas JO24– Best Chicken Plucker Attachment

The Josas is so far the weird plucker we reviewed here because it is the only self-contained plucker unit on the list.

In fact, this would likely be considered the best budget chicken plucker if it were not for its crazy requirements and design.

To be honest, this is the only bird plucker we reviewed that is basically just an attachment meant to fit on any standard-sized drill.

While this is a bit less convenient than self-contained units, it does come with its own advantages and makes this the best chicken plucker attachment you may ever lay your hands on.


Just a Bit

Being a drill attachment, you can with ease take this chicken plucker wherever you go.

In addition to that, judging by the fact that a large number of drills these days are cordless, this makes the Josas by far the most portable chicken plucker on our list.

Plus, it lacks a tub which means it also does not come with any kind of built-in irrigation system.

Cleanup Aisle…

The result of this might make feather clean-up harder and increases the time it takes to defeather a bird. That said, with solid 24 plucking finders and an aluminium body, the minute it takes to defeather a chicken is honestly not really that long.

Of course, the 24 plucking fingers is the least on our list and is only further amplified by the absence of a tub with additional plucking fingers.


  • It’s body is built with aluminium
  • Allows for easier transportation
  • The least expensive chicken plucker of 2020
  • Less than a minute per bird
  • Easily attached to any standard drill
  • Has solid finger construction


  • No irrigation ring
  • Lack tub(s)
  1. Rite Farm Products Pro Plucker– Best All-Around Value Chicken Plucker

Like Yardbird on our list, Rite Farm Products is really not its own company, rather it is a proprietary brand owned by 4 Front Inc., an only online manufacturer.

While this business model typically allows for products lower than the average, the Rite Farm Products Pro Plucker is actually on the more expensive side of the aisle this time.

Shifty your focus away from that and you’d find out that there are only a small group of pluckers that can match the performance at this price range which is precisely why we rated this as our best all-around value chicken plucker.


More Power

Although Rite Farm Products did not really release the time it takes to defeather a chicken, we at BarnCoop can assure you that this plucker is fairly fast.

This starts with the most powerful motor on our list which is twice as powerful as its next closest competitor at 3 hp generated.

On top of that, the Pro Plucker also has the second-most number of plucking fingers at 114, though cleanup may take a bit longer as the Pro Plucker does not have a built-in irrigation system.


Yet, the tub is almost the largest at 22 ½” and is more than capable of handling up to 5 birds at once which is technically the most on our list – though this does increase the chances of bruising the meat during the defeathering process.

The tub and stainless steel frame prevents the Pro Plucker form corroding or rusting, though the lack absence of irrigation ring does make the clean-up a bit more complicated and increases the immediacy to prevent rust or corrosion from developing.


  • Transportation is easier
  • Built with stainless steel
  • Has a 3 hp motor
  • Has a 22 ½” tub
  • Has a 4-5 chicken capacity
  • Has 114 finger


  • No irrigation ring
  • This chicken plucker sits on the high side of price
  1. Starpluck SP-1 Chicken Plucker Defeather Machine Stainless Steel

The Starpluck Chicken Plucker is another possible option for you that is less expensive than the previous machine, the Pro Plucker.

Being one of the best chicken plucker machine out there, this is a great option if you’re searching for use in small scale operations like homesteads etc.

With this feather plucking machine, you’ll be able to defeather up to 12 pounds worth of poultry in one go. If you buy it!

It is bound to deliver high efficiency and a satisfactory outcome. The cons and pros of the Starpluck speal for themselves:

Starpluck sp-1 chicken plucker defeather video

What we like

  • Can pluck 1-2 chickens simultaneously
  • This machine requires 10-20 seconds to pluck poultry efficiently
  • Value option that yields good quality results.
  • Machine comes with a very strong motor
  • The brand offers a great customer service experience
  • Cost is only slightly more than building your own Whizbang chicken plucker
  • Works very well with chickens, turkeys, and ducks
  • The tub for feathers and water is made of stainless steel, making clean-up simple

Check the price on Amazon

What we don’t like:

  • Machine ROI can be made better with the aditon of extra plucking feathers
  • Lacks clear manual about how to properly pluck poultry
  • Lacks a water line with which hose can be connected
  • Does not work well with birds who have new feather growth
  1. VEVOR Poultry Plucker 15W 500R

The VEVOR Poultry Plucker is another excellent option, especially for homesteads.

You will see that this lightweight machine is easily mobile and is specially designed for use with small birds, and is labeled the best quail plucking machine out there.

If you’re interested in plucking feathers of small birds, read on to learn the pros and cons of this machine.


What we like

  • Built with sturdy stainless steel
  • Comes with lid that encourages easy cleaning
  • Works faster on fresher birds
  • Works very well with small poultry and small sized chickens
  • Ideal for use by campers, hobbyists, hunters, and others who need to operate on a smaller scale
  • More reasonably priced than many competitors
  • Comes with lid to promote easier cleanup
  • If birds are previously scalded properly, with pluck tediously and accurately

What we don’t like:

  • Cleaning of the Machine is a bit difficult
  • It lacks water hookup for hose
  • Will work very slowly if you try it with larger birds

The Morphorn Poultry Plucker is a super priced plucker, although designed for small birds like doves and quails, it is still said to be one of the best small chicken plucker machine out there.

Anyway, its uniqueness earned it a spot on our review of the best chicken plucker machine.


  • It is stupidly Affordable


  • Only and best suited for very small birds

Value For Money?

While this wouldn’t be suitable for someone rearing chickens, if wood pigeon, quail, or dove, is your meat of choice, this is a reasonably priced investment. A fair option for the outdoorsman.

  1. Power Plucker Kit

Lastly, the Power Plucker Kit features a medium size kill cone, which is ideal for almost every chicken breed, except the very large breed type (you can purchase different cone sizes separately, however), and a Swedish Knife.

This, like the Josas, is a drill-mounted plucker with a knife blade (which by the way is not stainless and will need to be cleaned thoroughly and dried after each kill).


  • Accessories is practical
  • Plucker is 26 gauge steel, for increased durability


  • Plucker is not as effective as the rest of chicken plucker machine for sale discussed here
  • Knife is not stainless steel, and is prone to rust

Value For Money?

This is indeed a case of “you get what you pay for”. This plucker is affordable and is best for a person who is just looking to prepare the occasional bird for their personal consumption. A commercial producer of any scale, however, would be better off investing a little more in a more efficient model.


The Yardbird Chicken Plucker is a tool you can trust for your daily needs of defeathering. But do not be discouraged if it is way bigger than your budget, try out other options on our list.

If you’re looking to streamline your plucking process, there will be an option for you!

For small scale or budget conscious people, the Josas Finger Plucker, although needing the drill to function, is the the best all-round poultry de-featherer, as it offers the versatility of plucking several varieties of birds, while other pluckers are designed more for smaller breeds of chickens, specifically.

The Josas, an affordable plucker, is a good buy for you if you make a modest income from your birds.

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