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There are actually some chicken breed for comb and popular for them.

The Chicken combs, natures own crown atop a chicken. 

Every chicken breed has it’s very own comb style. 

In this article, we describe the different comb styles on various chicken breeds. 

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Chicken Breed For Comb

  •  The Single

 The single comb is one of the prevalent types of comb you can see atop a lot of chicken breeds. 

The single has a straight row of spikes, which begins from the base of the chicken’s nostrils and trailing till behind its head. 

 The Plymouth Rock is one breed of chicken that boasts this comb style. 

  •  The Buttercup Comb Style 

 They buttercup is what we love to call the new headgear for poultry chicken; In appearance, the buttercup comb has a little single style come running through the center and having large waves on both sides; quite similar to a flower’s full bloom.

The buttercup comb style is solely kept for the chicken breed that beholds the name, The Butter Cup Chicken Breed. 

Chicken Breed For Comb

  • The Pea 

The Pea comb Style is straightforward. They have little bumps or little “pea” bumps, and they look very well arranged while they are young.

As they begin to mature, the neatness and uniformity of the Pea Comb style begin to wax and wane off. Then over time, they begin to look more or less a giant blob atop the head. 

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The Brahma And Buckeye Chicken Breed boasts of this Comb style. 

  • The Rose 

 The Rose Comb Style Is usually flat and very close to the bird’s head. It often forms a new point then moves a lot further back than the others. 

The Wyandotte Chicken Breed boasts of The Rose Comb style.

  • The Strawberry

Like the Rose combs, the strawberry share quite a few similarities except, unlike the Rose comb where new points are being formed, and they remain flat; the strawberries do not.

They are a lot higher and stay that way, retaining the shape of a strawberry, presumably the idea behind the name.

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