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Do you know the best chicken breed for fighting?

Do chickens fight? Well, just like with every other animal out there, yes, they do.

History has it that some breeds of chicken are raised for the blood game of Cockfighting against each other.

Due to protests by Animal welfare and primary entitlements activists, Cockfighting is currently considered an unlawful act in the United States.

Supporters of the game contend that some breed of roosters are naturally aggressive, exhibiting territorial behavior and picking fights with another kind a lot more often.

And further proposing that the sport, Cockfighting, should be preserved and roosters should as well be catered for and treated rightly.

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Opposing this ideology are Animal rights activists, countering that roosters are supposed to be raised for their enhanced qualities, and such sport goes against their natural trait.

Well, that doesn’t rule out the fact that there are chicken breeds bred solely for cockfighting sport.

Chicken Breed For Fighting

How Does Cockfighting work?

  • Cockpit

Before the commencement of a match, roosters are put in a round ring, called a cockpit and they are made to keep fighting until one chicken is dead or severely injured and cannot fight anymore.

Before the fight, they are conditioned to be very aggressive, this is typically an hour to a fight. Then people gather round, gambling their stakes and prices.

List of Chicken Breed For Fighting

  • The Reza Asil Cock

They stand out as a ferociously aggressive chicken breed, the Reza Asil Cockfight for fun while they are still chicks, and as they begin to mature, they fight severely until death.

The roosters have a long leg, and they are from Pakistan and India Region.

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The Asils usually possess a very distinctive stance uprightly and a very well built physique that identifies the good fighters among the breed.

  • The Old English Game 

This was the first breed of fighting rooster in Great Britain. They are known to be hardy and are bred mostly for show purposes.

They are kept in isolation mainly because they often fight with themselves till death

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