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One of the most crucial aspects of the chicken coop is the nesting box. The hens will spend much of their time in these boxes to see to it fresh eggs are available at all times.

Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

Everyone should consider the importance of the box and the space, as well as to follow any city codes or regulations.

The Importance of the Nesting Box

These are not simply boxes, but rather they are the birthing homes of the hens. They spend a significant amount of time in their homes producing and caring for their eggs.

This is the place where they will become a live incubator for the production of organic eggs to sustain the livelihood and health of families all across the country.

This is the place they must go to continue the circle of life. This is an important box. If a hen is not happy, she will not produce eggs, so it is pertinent the box is built well.

Ideal Dimensions and Spacing for the Chicken Coop

Just like people, hens enjoy their space; however, prior to discussing this subject it is crucial to think about materials.

The materials do not have to be top of the line; however, it is important to purchase wood which will last and perhaps to provide a coat of varnish or sealant to ensure the wood of the nesting boxes will not deteriorate and need any additional heavy maintenance for many years.

By investing more into the chicken coop in the beginning, the less expenses and maintenance required in the coming years.

It is not essential to take these precautions; however, these steps may save people money in the end.

The size of the hen’s home should be at least 12 inches wide by 12 inches high by 12 inches long.

Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

Most people choose to make the nesting boxes slightly larger to ensure the hens have enough space to feel relaxed and to fit any larger hens.

It is also important to have a lip and a ledge at the front of all nesting boxes to ensure the eggs do not roll out and break, as well as to provide something for the hens to grip and step onto upon entering their temporary home.

It is not essential to have one box for each hen as they do not all lay eggs simultaneously. Most people feel having one nesting box for each three hens is appropriate for any chicken coop.

Also, do not be surprised if a few hens share a space at the same time or if many hens use the same space to lay their eggs throughout the day.

Each hen has a unique personality!

The chicken coop should be cared for to one’s desired egg production level. People who want to see high-producing hens should provide the best care for their hens.

For maximum results, the nesting boxes of the chicken coop should be quiet and lined with fresh wood shavings to ensure it is a place the hens enjoy.

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