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A chicken coop is a house where mostly female chickens are kept. Chicken coops are becoming more and more popular these days, because raising chickens at home provide you numerous benefits.

There are plenty of reasons why people build chicken coops in their backyard or garden.

Chickens are very friendly pets. Apart from organic and tasty eggs, they provide natural manure for your garden and kills harmful pests that destroys your garden.

Hence these chickens need a proper place to live in your backyard.

You can order these coop kits online, they provide the finished structure of coop that you have to put together and place it in safe place else you can build it yourself on the ground of gardens.

Many people think that building a chicken is a difficult task, whereas building a chicken coop is a fun activity for you and your family.

The eggs are free from chemical additives which is actually healthy for you and your family.

Cheap DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

If you buy any organic food products from the market, it’s too expensive.

But when you find these eggs from your backyard, it saves you a lot of money and also provides a good health.

Building chicken coops and raising chickens can be a good business who wish to self dependent.

Though you have to make a little initial investment in building and maintaining coops, but later when you sell these chickens and eggs at substantial profit margin, you will make a good money.

And further it will cost you less compared to your income.

And for the people who wish to have chicken coops in their garden for fun and hobby reasons, they get an opportunity to go green and organic.

The chicken droppings are used as an excellent natural manure for their vegetable plants or any other plants.

You don’t need to provide them with chemical fertilizer for proper growth. The vegetable and flowers will grow better and in a bigger size with natural fertilizer.

The people who raise chickens in their garden, they provide their families with basic foods that needed for their better health.

As these easy DIY chicken coops ideas provide a number of benefits, you need to take them proper care and should fulfill their basic requirements.

Therefore build a safe chicken coop in a high and well drained area. Use quality sheets on the roof and wall to protect them from snow, rain and summer heat.

Proper ventilation is utmost important because they need natural light for survival. As it is almost one time investment, install sliding doors and windows.

Go for better lighting system inside coops so that they get required warmth and brightness. And remember one thing build a coop that can be easily maintained.

Choose the material for building that be easily and quickly cleaned and away from disinfectants.

Now a days there are a variety of coops available on the market. These coops can be either fixed or portable. Hence choose the structure or build the coop keeping in mind you planned to raise the number chickens.

They need sufficient space to move around.

Therefore consider all the important factors once before building a chicken coop in your garden and construct an eye catching coop which is safe and sturdy.

Chicken Coop Design

Chicken coop design; proving shelter for the chicks

If you are planning to raise chickens, a well-built chicken coop is what they need. This is probably your first step in ensuring that they are well cared for.

There are three main thoughts that often come to mind when preparing to build a home for your chickens.

They are chicken building plans and cost of building a chicken coop. The chicken coop design should take the first position on your to-do list.

Don’t worry too much about the cost; you need to focus on how to take care of the chickens in the best possible way.

In other words, you need to show a little feeling for your chickens and make them happy.

Building a shelter for your chickens does not have to be expensive. Considering the size of your pocket, you can buy new materials or make use of old materials.

If you are really low on budget, you need to keep low cost and at the same time build something that will benefit you and your chickens.

You can either go for a fixed or portable chicken coop. 

Things to consider before working on cheap DIY chicken coop ideas, building or choosing a chicken coop design

chicken coop ideas


When you are choosing a chicken coop plan, the first thing to consider is the size of the coop.

Many people make serious mistakes in this regard.

They sometimes misjudge the size of the coop.

To plan this effectively, you need to know the number of chickens it will accommodate.

This is to avoid overcrowding. The space for each hen should not be below 3 square ft.

This measurement will help you to know the size of coop to build.

An overcrowded coop can be chaotic. If you are training the hens for the purpose of acquiring eggs, then an overcrowded coop should be avoided by all means.

The hens need to feel very comfortable while laying their eggs.

If they start fighting for space, it will discourage them. In summary, make sure that there is enough room in the coop for hens to play about.


If you are serious about building a chicken coop, then you need to get quality materials. Quality is the keyword of emphasis.

A quality coop involves the use of quality sliding, insulation, window, roofing materials and the whole nine yards.

If you don’t have the skills to put these things together, you can either hire a contractor or buy an already made chicken coop.

Quality built chicken coop can cost about $1000 and above. Even if you hire someone to do it for you, it will roughly cost as much.

Though there are advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to build it by yourself using cheap DIY chicken ideas, it will be a lot cheaper anyway. The choice remains yours.


The last factor to consider when choosing a chicken coop is the maintenance. Chickens produce a lot of fecal waste. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is very necessary.

The portable chicken coop is very easy to maintain and allows room for frequent cleaning, while a fixed coop is more difficult to maintain because of its size and counterparts.

Whatever the case may be, you need to choose a chicken coop design that suits your purpose.

Backyard Chicken Coops

Raising small livestock is gaining popularity in urban andsuburban homes. Docile and patient, chickens make for a perfect family pet.

Raising chicken is an exciting and and rewarding experience.

Caring for chickens is important in order to have healthy, happy birds. Whether you are raising them for eggs or tender meat, it is essential to take proper care in raising them.

Just like any other pet, your pet chickens also have some basic needs, such as healthy food, fresh ventilation and a warm and comfortable chicken coup.

If you are planning to keep your chicken in the backyard, make sure you choose the design accordingly. Backyard chicken coops are made of wood, steel or trampoline.

Building a chicken coop is not difficult, if you have right materials and proper designs. You just need basic woodworking skills and tools.

Materials required: Framing lumber, plywood, nails, screws, roofing shingles, wire mesh, fencing staple and clear acrylic sheets.

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop?

Before building a poultry coop using our cheap DIY chicken coop ideas discussed here, certain factors, such as height of the coup, ventilation, size of the coop, proper flooring, light, wood type and nest boxes are to be considered to build a healthy and comfy space for your chickens.

Hence, it is important to have a good chicken coop design.

Choose the design: There are thousands of plans, designs or easy DIY chicken coop ideas available on internet. You can also create your own design by considering all the essential factors.

Level the ground: Once you have the design, start your DIY project by building levelling the ground for chicken coop. Assemble the materials and level the ground where you are building your chicken coop.

Construct the basic frame: Do the entire framework (including roof, floor and sides) according to the design. Use 2x4s and 4x4s sizes of wood.

Make the roof frame: Cut the roof rafters and fix them to the roof beam. Add some sheathing to your roof. Add shingles and insulation panels inside the walls. This will help in keeping your chickens dry and warm.

Insulate the floor: The floor of chicken coop can leak heat and this can make the space cold. Hence, insulate the floor to avoid loss of heat and to keep the space warm and cozy for chickens.

Use clapboards to cover up the insulation panels. Use wood chips or sand to make a loose bedding for chickens.

Make side doors: Side doors allow you to access the inside of your coop to collect the eggs. Make sure to construct a roost and nest boxes. Place the roost bar as high off the ground as your coop design allows.

Make the fence: Construct the fence around the coup with the help of a chicken wire. You can also add some platforms or boards in the coop so that the chickens are busy hopping around.

Building the backyard chicken coop by yourself can be a rewarding experience.

Backyard chickens not just provide a nutrient rich source of food, but can also serve as weed eaters and waste recyclers, keeping your backyard healthy and beautiful.

Build A Chicken Coop

If your wish is to keep chicken you should know that you will not actually need God knows what ultra special housing designed for them.

If they are kept safe from the elements and also from predators, then that will be enough to keep chicken safely in the back of your yard maybe.

Thus, you will need to build a chicken coop and depending on the type you want to build, it can be completed in just a few hours and at a very low cost.


    1. You can opt for building a stationary chicken coop and this will mainly depend on the number of chicken you want to raise and whether your chickens will be allowed to free range. Regardless of the type you will build, it’s important that chicken will always remain healthy, so that is why it’s recommended to allow for about four sq. ft. of spacechick and at least 1 nesting box4 hens.
    2. In terms of perches, they need to be installed eighteen inches from the ground. Also, be sure your coop is properly sealed so it will protect against predators and the bad weather.
    3. Build your coop with egg collecting, cleaning and maintenance in mind. If using straw bales or hay, it’s vital you will wrap the whole structure with snow fencing or chicken wire so ensure it will hold off predators.
    4. The roof needs to be secured to the ground directly for better resistance against predators and storms.
    5. The easier way to design a stationary coop is to use an existing stationary structure. Thus, all you will need are a ramp for chickens to enter and exit the coop, perches and boxes

Moreover, if the flock is going to be fully free range, the coop should feature caged runs attached, so the chickens can access sunshine and fresh air easily.

You should make up your mind of whether the pen should feature a wire top to prevent owls and hawks from attacking the chicken and the type of locking mechanism and gate used.

Lights is a vital element in the construction process of a chicken coop, as chicken will go to sleep when getting dark and will wake up at sunrise. Because of this you will need to make sure you build windows to your coop which will allow a lot of lot to come inside.

Another use of the windows is that they will improve air circulation inside the coop and thus the chicken can breathe clean, fresh air. If you don’t provide too much light to your chicken you should expect their performance to decrease and this means they will lay eggs during weird hours and less frequently.

5. Last but not least, you will need to pay attention to climate and land. That is why you need to make sure that the ground below is hard, so it won’t cause any trouble in the long run due to the weight of the coop.
As you can see, if you want to build a chicken coop you will need to follow this advice. It will help you with building your coop fast and at a low cost!

Building A Chicken Coop

If you have determined to make your personal chicken coop using cheap DIY chicken coop ideas you are an integral part of an expanding band of Americans who’re saying “No” to financial downturns, and performing something beneficial on their own, their loved ones as well as their personal nutrition.

Increasing chickens and farming your individual eggs dates back to sooner less complicate times, but it is something which just about any do-it-yourselfer can perform when they place their thoughts to it.

The First Step: The initial step in building your personal chicken house would be to examine the methods that are what this information is about; even though it might not be extensive it ought to function as a starting point.

By doing research, you will comprehend much more about the type and amount of chickens you will have to match your needs, along with the chicken’s specifications to environment and temperature.


diy chicken coop ideas

Second Step: Be sure to look into the zoning legal guidelines in your neighbourhood, this will show you the amount of chickens you could have, regardless of whether a rooster is allowed, and whether or not you will require an examiner to indication away in your completed coop.

Unless you are positioned not even close to any city and also have sufficient acreage, zoning regulations might be relevant, and it is ideal to discover until you are made to dissemble your design.

Third Step: Subsequent comes the style, select a style that isn’t only great looking for you personally (and perhaps your spouse or mate) but additionally useful for the chickens.

You will find several styles on the internet in addition to comprehensive books about selecting and creating your chicken house.

Generally, you will wish to design a chicken coop that’s covered, nicely vented and it has sufficient space.

Obviously you will must have nesting containers and roosts permitting your chickens to sleep and nest, exercise, as well as other different chicken like activities.

Fourth Step: The amount of space would you estimate you will need? Fourth Step is extremely portion of the preparing stage, and depends on the breed and the volume of chickens you intend to accommodate.

Providing a lot of hens in to a little space is usually a recipe for catastrophe; they will require room to manoeuvre, nesting, peck the ground as well as place their eggs, and so on.

Although this suggested room will be different with respect to the breed, roughly 4 square. feet. for each chicken has proved sufficient in my needs.

Fifth Step: What’s the environment in your town? Whilst it is not essential to have air-conditioned chicken house, it comes with an optimal local climate for the breed, and also this will have to be deemed just before building and getting your hens.

If you reside in the cold weather, you will must make sure the interior not just has appropriate ventilation, but additionally heating system and insulating material if needed; this may add a heat light for young hens, and/or a heating system pad for the chickens.

Building a chicken coop:-

As soon as you have provided sufficient thought and intending to your brand-new chicken coop, it is time for you to put aside a weekend get the job done.

When your chicken coop comes to an end and useful, as well as your hands utilized to their surroundings, you will quickly be experiencing fresh new eggs for breakfast, and perhaps solutions to share with friends and family.

Chicken Coop For Sale

If you are someone who has too many chickens and you don’t seem to have any more space in your coops, it seems you will need to start looking for new coops soon.

A chicken coop for sale is what you have to start looking for and before you will buy one, you will need to keep a few things in mind. You don’t want to end up purchasing coops that will not satisfy your needs.

Below you will find the aspects to consider:chicken coop for saleClimate and land are vital when buying a coop for your chicken so it’s important you will also choose a good location for putting the shelter for your chicken.

The ground beneath it should be hard and even so that it would be useful to your chickens.

Is it raining a lot in your area or is it sunny?

What about the type of soil you have in your backyard? Maybe you’re living in an area where there’s a lot of rain and the soil is pretty soft, case in which the coop will have to be raised above the ground or in time, it will drown.

The process can be accelerated if you have too many chickens inside it and they are very large.

Would you like to buy a coop that you can easily move around?

You should consider buying a mobile coop if you will move it a lot from one place to another.

Yet there is a slight disadvantage to this type of coop and that is size limitation.

You can though make it mobile by attaching wheels to it and the coop’s size will depend on your ability of carrying it.

Buy a coop made of hardwood if you wish to protect your coop from predators and also make sure that it will last through the test of time.

Not only does wood offer resistance, but it will look better compared to coops made out of other materials.

When you will decide to check a chicken coop for sale you will have to focus on a model that will come with lighting as well.

This is because you will definitely want to reach inside it for getting the eggs your chicken have laid and brining a flashlight or using any other form of lighting will just be harder.

You may even trip and fall and hurt the chicken, not even mentioning that the coop can also get damaged.


It seems that buying a chicken coop is not as hard as you maybe pictured in the beginning and you will realize that when starting on with the project.

If you use these tips for buying your chicken coop, then you can be sure the results will be nothing short of excellent!

Tips to keep in mind when buying a chicken coop

1. Get good and detailed info for buying your chicken coop.

2. Make sure you buy a coop that will allow plenty of light to get in.

3. Buy a coop made of hardwood as this accounts for improved durability.

Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken coop plans tend to be a very hot topic at the moment

in the economic system in its current state. The chicken place particular market has begun to be very famous for the care of chickens can be fun, most advantageous way.

Because of the buildings get very expensive, along with home loans are generally complicated to be qualified for, people will most certainly be going down the costs of each possible time and exact location.

This process will take people to take care of backyard chickens needed for dishes along with an extra salary attainable.

Chicken coop plans can be demanding to implement what you need to be involved in research and even buy more reliable products that can come through. Prefer to get a couple of planes that can address their special needs.

An example is if you plan to do a cooperative of great significance in this case you may want to choose a set of plans for a house of considerable size.

For those who want to get really skilled you can usually hunt down a group of strategies that, unfortunately, includes the large cooperative and modest, too.

This could result in billing yourself a little more even.

Chicken coop plans range from one level to the products of various floor levels, which usually are based on the number of hens will take good care.

Because of this, the project is important to go will have to have the right specifications to your home.

For those with an area not very big, you have to go with a host of complex levels in order to save space or room. Or, when you have a giant region, you can always go for 1-story units.


It may be advisable to opt for variations in housing that is convenient to make sure that you will be able to carry effortlessly all other regions that you love.

Furthermore, the houses are also subject to obtain however, for those who opt for this type of bird feather, be sure you are properly considered in the place where you can set by the fact that more time can not remove it.

The chicken coop will find several plans to become extremely vague about what’s going to run. Where a chicken farmer is first on top of which is sought in the specifications.

You want to make sure you only have to analyze a large number of these online sites and also select at least one that gives you the best comprehensive information and facts.

Surely you will start seeing a lot of these headlines can be read as the commercial emphasis.

The lines of the head may be misleading, therefore, make sure to implement the task and then analyze every web page correctly before you decide.

Several of the hen house plans web sites are affiliate sites that are advertising system of an individual.

The real person who has a website and advertising is particularly a new cooperative chicken different package plans and thus captures some of those associated with the sale of the products supplied.

Many of the sites that are likely to encounter this type and may be more of the products are actually decent and a few usually are not.

Associated websites are used by many large companies to find more benefits as the tactic becomes more affordable.

No doubt the good that is going to get is definitely the same quality and up to purchase the equivalent operation, but a percentage of final sale would go to the market.

building chicken coop for dummies

Cheap DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

With more and more people wanting to grow and raise their own food, raising chickens for their eggs and meat is gaining popularity all over the country, especially in rural areas where people have enough room to accommodate them.

Even those who live in urban areas are starting to keep chickens to offset the high price of eggs and meat.

Prefabricated chicken coops are available at hardware stores, but these can be quite expensive. With a little effort and research you can build a cheap cheap DIY chicken coop ideas for next to nothing.

There are numerous reasons to want your own chickens. If you have smaller children, they make great pets. You can use them for meat, and fresh eggs from your own hens have more vitamin E and beta carotene, and less cholesterol, than eggs bought in the supermarket.

Unless you’re a full time farmer, you probably want your chickens to require as little time and maintenance as possible.

If you have land you can let them roam free, and the best option for their pen is no longer the traditional shed, but rather a portable pen that can be moved when needed.

This way you can change their location every few days so that your yard and grass are evenly consumed when they graze.

When deciding what you are going to make your cheap DIY chicken coop ideas out of, you should first find the plan you want to use.

There are thousands of these available online, and most can be modified to suit your needs.

Depending on where you live, your main expense will be heavy gauge chicken wire to keep any predators out of their coop.

If you have dogs, they can easily be trained to guard your chickens. If at all possible, try to use wood you have around your house, or ask friends and neighbors if they have any scrap wood.

With wood gathered from friends or your own yard, and chicken wire purchased from your local hardware or farm supply store, it is possible to build a low cost chicken coop for around $50.


If you only plan on having a few chickens, then get creative when it comes to their cheap DIY chicken coop ideas. They don’t need a ton of space at night, so even a wire dog kennel can work with a few modifications to make it weather-proof.

Regardless of which kind of coop you decide to build, just remember that it should be sturdy enough to keep predators out, it should have adequate ventilation, and it should be weather proof so that your chickens don’t get rained on.

Keeping them healthy and happy will allow them to provide you with better eggs.

Raising chickens and building your own cheap DIY chicken coop ideas can be fun and rewarding.

With a little planning and work you can create a low maintenance situation that provides you with happy pets, endless eggs and even some meat from time to time.

Having chickens around can be incredibly rewarding, and you’ll probably never need another alarm clock again.

How To Build A Chicken Coop

A chicken coop is a building or structure that is erected for housing chickens. Some of the most important features of a good chicken coop include: insulation, predator protection, temperature control and outdoor run.

A well-planned coop usually provides the best environment for the chickens. Nevertheless, the features and overall size may vary depending on the purpose of raising and the number of chickens.

Here are some tips on how to build a chicken coop.

The Design

The coop design should always meet the basic needs of the particular chicken breed. For instance, there should be enough space available for the nest boxes and perches.

An average chicken coop is usually about 4 sq feet; this translates to a 4×8 area.

Combine this with a little more space to make it 4×12. Another important factor while designing the coop is the location.

Please ensure that your coop is located in an area with sufficient warmth and sunlight.



In order to construct a coop, you need to have all the necessary materials in place.

One of the best materials for making a chicken coop is wood because it is durable and easy to use.

fOther building materials that you require include fencing pliers, shovels, measuring tape, cement blocks, screws, boards, wiring, grill, light fixtures, windows, salvaged doors and small fans.

diy chicken coop and run


How to Get the Job Done

Make a strong 4×12 foot base on the location where you would like the chicken coop using wooden boards. Toenail in two more boards into each corner of the base.

After this, add four more boards across at the top to form a cube shape.

Once you’re done, you can either choose to nail or screw it into place. Hammer more nails and screws to the boards to form the walls until you have but one sheet of plywood left for making the door.

The door size should be enough to allow easy access to cleaning and general maintenance of the coop.

Once the general structure is complete, make four pillars whereby you’ll place your chicken coop.

You may also be required to roll a layer of chicken wire over your coop to keep predators out.

Finally, to fix the door, affix hinges on your leftover piece of wood and fit it into position.

Once you’re done, place nest boxes, water tubs and feeders inside.

It’ll only cost you around $150 to make an average coop on your own. As you can see, this is a smart way to save.

If you want to add a finishing touch to your job, you can do so by painting with a light color. Avoid bright colors as these may attract predators.

One of the best colors that you can go for is green; it perfectly matches with the landscape thus concealing the coop from predators.

These were just brief tips on how to make a chicken coop. Most importantly, remember that your chicken coop must be well planned, spacious, well-lit and safe from predators.

In addition, you can also find free building plans on various websites.


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