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Whether you are deciding to include a backyard poultry collection in your home décor or whether you are thinking about starting your own home-based fresh egg business, one of the most important interests is your housing for your fowl.

Features of the Chicken Coop Design

Chicken coop design features are varied, and the nature of your space may be the priority factor in deciding what plan or materials will be incorporated into your area.

Raising your own chickens can be fun and rewarding. Your specific goals will significantly determine the design features that you emphasize in creating your chicken coop.

If your backyard space is limited, your flock will need to be limited as well. A small chicken coop design that features efficient use of space is important.

There are many small structural possibilities that can be considered in this case. A push style structure that is portable and small is perfect for housing up to 5 adult chickens.

This type of system is excellent for those that are hobbyists and that need to be able to maneuver their structure from space to space.

An Alpine chicken coop design features an attractive A-frame that is inexpensive to construct.

Housing up to 4 chickens, this is an excellent way to have a mini flock without having to spend a lot of money to create a nesting area.

If your interest is having a sufficient egg supply for your family, your needs in chicken coop design and features may be slightly bigger.

It’s helpful to estimate your needs before determining which structure will best serve your purposes.

While egg production varies from breed to breed, a reasonable estimate is 300 eggs per year from a mature hen.

Features of the Chicken Coop Design

The quantity of eggs laid during extreme temperatures will be limited, while production during spring and fall can be heavy.

A flock of six hens might produce as much as three dozen eggs per week during temperate seasons.

Structures that house between six and eight hens range in price according to additional elements incorporated into the design, most being moderate in price and simple in construction.

A larger flock is helpful for producing a larger quantity of eggs.

Pricing will increase according to size of the chicken coop and design features incorporated.

Look for nesting boxes that will allow easy laying of eggs and easy retrieval.

For the setting that is best accented by a stylish chicken house, there are more elaborate plans and kits available.

While you can create your structure from a variety of materials, it’s nice to have a system that is well-planned and easy to recreate.

There are chicken coop choices that feature big capacities, allowing you to raise and house a large flock of laying hens.

Rather than a variety of small structures, the larger hen house is excellent for management of your flock and monitoring of temperatures, feed and other conditions.

It’s helpful to select a kit for putting together your first hen house. Your coop can be created in a stylish fashion without being difficult to assemble.

Furthermore, you have the assurance that your system will be compatible with your needs in terms of flock size.

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