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Either you buy your own chicken defeathering machine or build yours, ONE things certain – there’s no way you’re going to ever want to manually pluck chicken ever again. With the best chicken plucker fingers at hand, your defeathering needs are met.

Best Chicken Plucker Fingers

  1. 150 Rubber Chicken Plucker Fingers for Poultry Plucking Machine Whizbang & EZplucker


These are replacement fingers for Ezplcuker and Whizbang. It fits a 3/4 ” inch diameter hole and is Medium-durometer-hardness rubber.

A drum style feather plucking machine is made up of a stainless steel barrel lined with these rubber plucking fingers. As the base of the barrel spins, these fingers rub against the poultry (removing the birds’ feathers fast and efficiently – in less than 20 seconds!.

Specs & Pros

  • Standard size chicken plucker replacement fingers
  • Medium-durometer-hardness rubber
  • Best for duck, small turket and poultry!
  • Great to be used on feather plucking machines
  • Finest quality ultra-soft plucking fingers
  • Fits into the holes of the de-feathering machine
  1. Josas Chicken Plucker, 24 Fingers, Full Set!

The Jonas chicken plucker 24 fingers, full set is the highest plucking fingers produced from special rubber (food safe) material. Designed for defeathering big birds like ducks, broilers, chickens, turkey and goose.



The white rubber ensures maximum softness and elasticity.

It removes feather without damaging poultry skin.

Your hands are safe during the plucking process.

The plucker drill attachment has food grade tin coating.

These set of plucker fingers meet European standards on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.


These fingers are made of white high-quality food grade rubber based on natural caoutchouc. Do not leave traces.

Solid tinned steel body

Reliable welded shaft and secure fastening in the drill provide strength and durability.

Fits to any standard variable speed 110-220 volt drill or a screwdriver.

My journey to raising chickens began in 2010 when I decided I was going to try to raise my own meat chickens. My best friend and I had raised laying chickens and milking goats for some years, so this meat chicken thing would be a breeze.

Being a new one, we decided to raise only 10, feeling confident in our ability to process and care.

Raising them was a somewhat easy.

Setting up the butchering area was really simple.

Butchering them was hard but bearable.

But plucking? PLUCKING? It was so horrible. Feather after Feather after feather – too many of those things, I was wowed a chicken could have so many. More feathers than you’d think anything in the world could possibly have.

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1 hour later, we has only successfully butchered and defeathered ONE chicken and placed it in the fridge. It was at that point that we decided never to pluck another chicken again.

The rest of the day was followed the trend, but we somehow were able to finish the entire job. But, never again, my friends. Never again.

Best Chicken Plucker Fingers

Plucking vs. Skinning

Skinning a chicken is so much easier than plucking a bird. I’m not a support of skinning because the skin is not only delicious, it also provides a good source of collagen. Plus, after taking and spending so much care and effort on raising a chicken, it totally feel wasted to throw all the skin away.

Type Of Chicken Pluckers

  • Store-Bought

If you’re not the DIY type and not willing to get your hands messy, you can purchase a plucker online.

The con is that they’re quite expensive. One idea is to buy one and rent it out so the machine can in the end pay for itself or share the cost between fellow homesteaders.

  • Homemade

There are loads of homemade plucker plans out there; some are as simple as mounting chicken fingers on a drill and others are incredibly complicated.

Our Diy Chicken Plucker

We decided to purchase the Yardbird chicken plucker. It works amazingly, and trust me, it’s totally worth the price. In less than 15 seconds, a whole chicken is completely featherless!.


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