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Green Sausage is an odd name, but most appropriate for this small green tomato.

A determinate plant, it produces 2 to 4 inch elongated tomatoes that look quite like small light green wax peppers.

The structure of this tomato plant is fairly airy, and it takes to a trellis very well, but doesn’t grow very tall at all.

Expect your plants to reach about 3 feet and that’s it.

The tomatoes grow on a bushy plant that fits well in small and medium size tomato cages.

When ripe, the fruits have mottled stripes of light green and pale yellow.

The seeds are a medium green, just like an unripe tomato, and that makes for an interesting contrast with the outer flesh when sliced width-wise for a vegetable tray.

Green Sausage

This is one tomato that’s ripe when it’s green (and yellow), so you can have fried green tomatoes anytime you please.

Not only are Green Sausage tomatoes odd looking, but they also have an unusual taste. In fact, they don’t taste much like a tomato at all.

The firm flesh of this tomato has a pleasing texture and a mild fresh taste that makes them well suited for a snack tray or salad.

I like things that are different, and that’s why this tomato makes my list of best vegetables.

If you don’t like a tomato taste in a particular dish that calls for tomatoes, you might try substituting this variety to get the same effect but with a different taste.

With a compact growth habit, this soft green and yellow striped tomato is ideal for use as a patio variety.

It’s a moderate producer, so if you’re interested in a bunch of these unusual looking and tasting tomatoes, you’ll want to plant at least a few plants.

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