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The Mosaic chicken breed is not a recognized breed, rather a personal breeding project that is a composite of other breeds.

At the moment of publishing this post, there is no official standard and no documented rate of lay for egg production.

Their egg color is either tinted, or medium cream color eggs.

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Origins of the Mosaic

They were created from Imperfect Cemani chickens i.e the ones with white leakage. After which they were selectively bred to become what we now have.

Many people got theirs from GoldFeather Farms. Their eggs and its sizes are like that of the Ayam Cemani

Personally, I think braekel or campine were used in getting this breed. They tend to have a lot of the same color patterning as well as similar pointy little faces.

I think a breed with blue or white ears would be needed with the cemani since their ears are normally mulberry or black.

Bad news is that You won’t be able to sex them by markings.

Mosaic Chicken Breed

Mosaic Chicken Breed

The Mosaic comes in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from frost white to chocolate with flower mosaic tapestry patters.

It would appear that the most noticeable feature of the Mosaics are their vibrant, iridescent turquoise earlobes.

Instead of black skin like most fibro breeds, these boast a rich blue skin color while their combs and faces are a mix of blue, black, turquoise, and deep red.

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Their skin color is bluegreen. These chickens are excellent layers of medium cream color eggs, and full of personality & friendly& sweet chicken.

Their feed to eggs ratio is also very good. Will add color to your flock, have great predator awareness.

The Mosaic chicken breed are exclusive to Gold Feather Farms and is  a result of selective breeding, eas earlier stated.

These birds are friendly , amazing free rangers, and excellent lays of medium cream eggs, with a burst of personality.

With 10 hens, you can get at least 7 eggs per day even in the middle of winter with no lights on them

These fowls are large in the medium range.

They are always fun to watch hatch as they come out in a variety of stunning colors.

Do all Mosaic chicken has the lovely turquoise earlob and skin?

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Yes! All Mosaic chicken breed have it. It’s the standard!



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