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The Rainbow chicken breed also known as the rainbow rooster is a quick-growing indian chicken breed that has now become popular in Uganda.

The breeds does well and are bred by Indbro Research and Breeding Farms in India. It is a multi-coloured cross breed that is suitable for organic chicken production and backyard farming.

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Rainbow Chicken Breed

The rainbow rooster suffers less fatality and lays more eggs. They are also very adaptive and can be kept in enclosed structures or free range.

Although similar to Uganda’s indigenous chicken the rainbow rooster grows faster are bigger and produce more eggs.


The first ten days are the most important part of brooding. We recommend you brood in groups with 300 chicks as maximum.

Each brooder should be protected by a round guard with 4 bulbs should be hung at 3ft above the ground level, and the height adjusted, depending on the comfort and season of the birds.

During the cold weather, you can maintain room temperature by lighting charcoal stoves (sigiris).

You can also use wood dust or coffee husks to prepare the floor of the brooding house.

Provide a single drinker for every 50 chicks, which means that if the brooder has 200 chicks, you should have at least 4 waterers.

I once owned them and at 2 months and a half, they weighed around 2-4kg.

Each mature chicken can go for at least sh30,000 (294 USD)! . You should have one chicken per square metre if you are keeping them for meat and should have 1.5 square metres per chicken if keeping them for eggs.

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You can feed them standard broiler foods followed by a finisher diet to get to market standard quickly.

In around 2 months, female rainbow roosters will weigh at least 1.2kg.nHowever, if you are keeping them for much longer, you can supplement their feeds with forage.

By eight weeks, the male rainbow roosters should weigh at least 2kg and at that time, they should have fed on not more than 4.9kg of chicken feeds.

When I had the rainbow chicken breed, I left them to freerange and they did well. Oh! Need I add that it tastes like a local chicken?

Rainbow Chicken Breed

They eat almost everything and have a good feed conversion ratio.

That means that the food they consume build up meat in their body, compared to local breeds that consume so much, but take longer to grow.

Rainbow roosters lay at least 180 eggs per cycle. A cycle comprises eight months, which means the rooster lays at least 23 eggs per month, which is quite good, if you ask me.

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There you have it, let’s hear of your rainbow chicken breed stories via the comment section below.


  1. How much do rainbow chickens cost?
  • Rainbow chickens can be expensive, with prices ranging from $30 to $100 per bird.
  1. Can I breed rainbow chickens myself?
  • Yes, but breeding rainbow chickens can be challenging, and it’s important to have experience and knowledge of genetics.
  1. What kind of climate do rainbow chickens need?
  • Rainbow chickens are hardy and can adapt to a variety of climates, but they will need protection from extreme temperatures and predators.
  1. How many eggs do rainbow chickens lay per year?
  • Rainbow chickens are excellent layers, producing up to 280 eggs per year.
  1. Where can I
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  1. Where can I find a reputable breeder of rainbow chickens?
  • You can find breeders online or through local farming groups. It’s important to choose a breeder with experience and knowledge of breeding rainbow chickens.
  1. What is the temperament of rainbow chickens?
  • Rainbow chickens have a friendly and docile temperament, making them great pets for families.
  1. Are rainbow chickens suitable for meat production?
  • While rainbow chickens can be raised for meat, their unique appearance is what sets them apart, and they are not typically raised for meat production.
  1. Can rainbow chickens be kept with other chicken breeds?
  • Yes, rainbow chickens can be kept with other chicken breeds, as long as they are introduced slowly and carefully.
  1. How long do rainbow chickens live?
  • Rainbow chickens can live up to 8-10 years with proper care and nutrition.
  1. Are rainbow chickens a sustainable breed?
  • Because they are a hybrid breed, rainbow chickens are not considered a sustainable breed. However, they can be bred responsibly to maintain their unique appearance and traits.


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