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So, you have decided to have a go at raising chickens basics. People like to breed and raise chickens for various reasons. As a result of the economy, many families are trying to find economical ways to lead a normal lifestyle. Raising chickens is just another way to help you live a healthy and more cost effective lifestyle.

raising chickens basics

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you can grab fresh eggs every morning that are free from pesticides or other chemicals. Or, you can provide fresh meat for your family and know exactly where it came from. In addition, raising chickens allows you to know exactly where the meat and eggs have come from that are going into your body.

Raising Chickens Basics

If you are not raising chickens due to economical reasons, maybe you just like the lifestyle of living off the grid. Raising chickens is a part of your homestead lifestyle that you have naturally grown accustomed to. All in all it does not matter why you choose to be raising chickens. This article is going to talk about some of the basics of raising chickens.

What Breed?

One of the first decisions that you will have to make depends on your reasoning for raising chickens basics. What breed of chicken are you going to raise? Remember that different breeds are synonymous with the type of action that is required. For example, if you want to raise chickens just to get their eggs, then you need to purchase a chicken breed that is good for laying a lot of eggs. Quite naturally, the same rule applies if your want to only be raising chickens for the meat that they produce. 

In addition, be certain that you choose a chicken breed that can withstand your climatic conditions. If you live in an area that is known to have long, cold harsh winters, then research the various breeds of chickens and determine which one can survive in your climate. The same goes if you live in an area that has hot sweltering heat. Different breeds of chickens can survive in different environments. Just make sure that you choose a breed that is suitable for your intended goals before you purchase your stock and start raising chikens.

Raising Chickens and Shelter

Shelter is one of the most important things that you have to account for when raising chickens. It not only has to have the capability of housing the chickens, but protecting them as well. Chickens need to live in dry safe places that are properly ventilated. There are various plans that you can use to build your chicken coop. There are those that are just basic enclosures for the raising chickens. On the opposite end, there are chicken coops that are filled with the extras. They look just like little houses complete with front porches.

Chicken coops range from cheap with no frills to expensive with all of the lavish trimmings. It all depends on which type of chicken coop you are budgeted for. All in all, make sure that the chicken coop that is purchased has enough space for the chickens to roam around and lay their eggs. But, at the same time, the space should be adequate enough to serve as protection from known predators. Build a chicken coop that accounts for shelter, safety and limited freedom for the chickens that are housed there.

Raising Chickens: Food

When it comes to raising chickens, remember that you must provide good food sources if you plan to raise chickens that will provide a good food source for you. In addition to the feed that you provide for your chickens, they also like to play in the dirt and scratch around for their own food, such as bugs and insects. When they have plenty of land to roam around on, they are bound to find these extra tidbits of natural food sources for their enjoyment.

However, you should also ensure that they have the right supplements and plenty of clean water to round out their diet. Chickens need regular rounds of food and water. If you find that you are strapped for time, opt for an automated food and water dispenser. This can cut down on the number of times that you have to make the feeding rounds and the chickens will receive food and water on a regular basis.

This might seem like an awful lot of work that goes into raising chickens.

However, it does not matter why you want to raise chickens, you must still take the whole process seriously. Keep in mind that each chicken and the food and shelter that is associated with it has an initial cost attached to it. It would be a shame to let your initial investment slip down the drain.

With the right planning and proper effort, raising chickens basics  should not be too difficult to handle. It will be an easy way to provide fresh food for you and your family during an otherwise slow economy. On the other hand, if you are already accustomed to this homestead lifestyle, raising chickens can be a good way of adding more enjoyment to your chosen lifestyle.

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