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Super Sweet 100 is a true cherry tomato. It makes small red round tomatoes the size of a cherry.

They are wonderfully sweet and flavorful, and have plenty of juice beneath their thin skin.

The little cherry tomatoes grow abundantly in large clusters that are similar to grapes.

Although it’s an indeterminate plant, the plants seem to enjoy a more compact habit of about 5 to 6 feet tall.

A large tomato cage or tall stake should be sufficient to keep your plants happy and the fruit easily accessible.

The leaves on the plant are a standard size tomato leaf, and the plant structure tends to be rather open, and that allows for easy picking and less trouble with top heavy plants.

If you don’t give it sufficient water, the fruit can be a little tart, and the skins can get a little tough, so don’t skimp on the moisture.

You’ll be rewarded with great fruit if you take good care of this variety.

Super Sweet 100

I like a cherry tomato because it’s bite size. That makes them great for munching away in the garden while you tend to other matters.

I also like a cherry tomato because it’s a simple matter to cut them in half and toss them into a salad.

The Super Sweet 100 is easy to harvest as well. Just give ’em a tug, and they’ll come off in your hand if they’re ripe.

They also provide a nice large crop of fruit if they’re given the right level of sunlight, moisture and fertile soil.

We grow this variety every year because we’re pleased with it productivity and quality. I think you will be too.

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