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For many years, the best camera for chicken coop has been reserved for wealthy yard owners. However, thanks to companies like Amazon and the global market, tech has become more accessible and affordable than ever before.

A predator proof camera system is one of the best investments you can make to insure your bird’s safety.

But, there are a lot on the market ranging from cheap, affordable to high end, with specs that may be right for every barn.

How do you narrow down which best surveillance camera for chicken coop fits your needs?

Before making a decision on which camera for inside coop is right for you, there are 3 main areas to think about.

These include practical concerns as how the camera is mounted and powered, the features and specs of the camera itself, and extra features, controls, and perks that the system might contain.


EDITOR’S PICKLogitech Circle 2 Security CameraCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
BEST UNDER $400Ring Floodlight Security CameraCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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Best Security Camera for Chicken coop Buyer’s Guide

Installation Concerns

Poultry owners may tend to overlook this area, blinded by the whistles and bells of multi-use security camera systems. This might cost you more in the long run.


You may end up with a device that isn’t optimally suited for your environment or one that you cannot use.

I know this because I once opted for a low-quality security camera on a friends recommendations and came back to find my coop desecrated with my birds (total of 12) gone.

Some common practical concerns include:

The weight and size of the unit: Can it be mounted securely over a door, under the eaves or to a tree outside? Or does it need the best camera stabilizer for chicken pen?

Weatherproofing: Will the device stand up to extreme dust, heat, ice storms, cold, or whatever else the environment throws at it?

Power: Is it battery powered? Do you need to constantly check on and replace the battery? Can it be wired to the house’s power supply, limiting area of placement?

Does it connect to solar panels, needing an environment with adequate sunlight? Or is it a device with more than one power systems, raising the price and complexity of the unit?

Ease of installation: Is this something a DIY backyard chicken keeper can install themselves with a few tools, or will it incur the additional expense of bringing in the professionals?

Camera Specs and Features

The camera is the main part of your predator camera for chicken coop system, and you’ll want to spend a good time looking at it.

Cameras differ based on some features including the image quality it produces, extra functions like night vision, and where and how the camera stores its video feed.

Image quality: Budget cameras, most times, translate to sub-par image quality, but there are always exceptions.

Look around and you might discover some models that record in 720p or 1080p and offer viewing angles of 100 degrees or more.

For higher-end cameras, quality is almost no problem and 1080p is somewhat standard.

Night vision: Nighttime is perhaps the biggest worry for chicken parents, so naturally, you want your camera to be able to function at night.

A lot of cameras feature infrared capability. The range of the night vision differs so make sure you’re getting a useful visual distance.

Where does the video feed go? Does the camera store on an SD card, which you’ll need tpo manually remove to transfer the data? Does it upload to services like Dropbox, or go to your smartphone?

For the highest security, you want the data to be backed up in various places.

Another factor is how many days of footage are archived. If you aren’t happy with the number, you may be able to buy extra storage space.

Extra Features

Certain extra features can add to the functionality of your coop security system, creating a much safer home environment. The number/quality of features can also drive up the price.

This is why you need to spend some time thinking about what you need. Here are some relatively predator camera system bonus features:

Two-way communicators: This allows the security camera to pull double duty, allowing you see your visitors at the barn and talk to them.

Smartphone integration: This allows you to remotely access the video feed remotely, deactivate triggered systems, flash lights, sound alarms, and more.

This may or may not need a subscription to a service.

Not every camera integrate with all smartphone kinds (Android, IOS, and Windows) so check ahead to make sure it’s compatible.

Sirens: So your camera has detected wild animals or intruders. Do you want to scare them off? A blast from a 100+ decibel siren will do the trick.

Note: These sirens may violate local noise control laws, so check ahead of time before making the buy.

Lights: Some cameras feature motion-triggered floodlights, adding an additional level of intruder deterrent and increasing the camera’s night-time ability.

Day in review: This feature compresses 24-hours video feed into a short (generally 5 minutes or less) preview, allowing you glance over activity around your home in a time-efficient way.

Multiple cameras: Some of the listings here are for 2 camera systems, which allows you set up a more comprehensive web of security around your coop or property for a reasonable price.

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Best Camera For Chicken Coop

Best Predator Camera for Chicken Coop

Editor’s Pick: Logitech Circle 2 Combo Pack

Why is it our most rated? This camera comes with a midrange price tag and higher range features that include:

  • 2 1080p cameras with advanced motion filtering and night vision
  • Convenient installation in a wide range of locations thanks to its included window mount.
  • A Smart Timelapse Day Brief, which gives you a short highlight of the last 24 hours of recording.

If you desire to know more about this device, see our full write-up below in the Under $400 section.

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera for Chicken Coop under $100

Are you in search of a budget-friendly wireless coop security camera that comes with many of the features more expensive models bear?

There are some options out there in the affordable, double-digit price range.

  1. Blink XT Home Security Camera System

The beautifully designed Blink XT Home Security Camera System comes with many of the features of premium units without the higher price tag.

This device is great for people who have basic security knowledge plus needs and want a unit that’s straightforward to use.

Be rest assured as this security continues a day as this camera comes with night vision function. Another great feature of the Blink is that it allows for Amazon Echo connection, allowing remote operation by voice.

Even better!

This security device runs on 2 standard AA batteries and comes with a  2-year battery life. It connects through wi-fi to your computer, allowing simple coop monitoring.

This can be programmed to send an alert to your smartphone as well as offer a video feed.


  • Weatherproofing for outdoor and indoor use
  • Video control is smart
  • Motion detection
  • Wi-Fi and battery power
  • Cloud storage

Check Price on Amazon

  1. Reolink Argus Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

This camera for chicken coop is relatively large and not a discreet option. But, having visible security cameras in your backyard farm can help deter some trespassers, so this is more of a home owner’s security system strategy.

The Reolink Argus is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use thanks to its ergonomic design. The security option can be mounted with ease on walls.

It’s battery-powered and wireless, adding versatility to installation.

It records in full 1080p, delivering outstanding image quality. It also boasts of night vision ability.

Another thing that makes this unit unique is that it has a 2-way speaker and microphone.

This budget camera features live streaming and connects to both IOS and Android devices.


  • Battery power and Wifi
  • Night vision and 1080p full HD
  • IP65 weatherproofing for outdoor use
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Smart PIR motion sensor

Check Price on Amazon

  1. YI Outdoor Security Camera

Sitting on the #8 spot of our best camera for chicken coop is the YI Outdoor Security Camera. This unit is fairly-visible and is wall-mounted.

This security camera boasts of a full 1080p resolution at a super reasonable price. It comes with a 110-degree lens and records at 20 frames per second, creating highly clear security images.

The YT Outdoor Security Camera comes with a good quality night vision function that can view up to 50 feet.

The YI also comes with motion detection with phone alerts and programmable sensitivity.

The cloud service is based on subscription and allows you to connect up to 5 devices.

The YI Cloud Service features anti-theft protection, keeping your footage safe and secure on the cloud, improving the safety of your footage.

Other amazing features of this top predator camera for chicken coop include special noise recognition, optional hands-free intercom, and real-time activity alerts.

The 2-way speakers and microphone allows you to communicate with guests or visitors.


  • Features Night Vision
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Cloud storage with optional anti-theft subscription
  • 1080p full HD
  • IP65 weatherproofing for outdoor use

Check Price on Amazon

best surveillance coop camera for chicken coop

Best Camera For Inside Chicken Coop  Under $200

If your budget is more than $100, you can find more useful features on cameras under 200 dollars for poultry.

  1. Nest Security Camera

The NEST records high videos with a high-quality lens in full 1080p with a 24-hour live streaming sent to your smartphone.

Featuring a 2-way audio and an 9x zoom, this type of camera is best used at entry points like coops, garages and hallways or along the exterior walls of the farm.

One advantage of the Nest that you might not have heard of is that it plugs into a power source. This has both setbacks and pros.

As a disadvantage, this device placement can be limited. You will also need to check the connection to home power supply, and it won’t function if there’s a blackout.

But, one of the pros is that you never have to worry about dead batteries. This device also won’t turn itself off while you’re away.

Certified to work with Amazon Alexa, this unit has voice control functionality. For extra level of security, consider the Nest Aware service.

What does the Nest AWARE SERVICE DO?

It stores your vide feed for up to 30 days in the cloud.


  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • The Nest App delivers alerts
  • Super smart video control
  • Compact installation size
  • Connectivity with other smart devices

Check Price on Amazon

  1. Lynx Solar Weatherproof Outdoor Surveillance Camera

The Lynx combines all the advantages of a wired security camera with the portability of a battery operated model.

You agree with us for adding it to the list of best camera for chicken coop, right?

The Lynx is a bulkier system and needs a suitable, sturdy place to be installed. The whole units sit at 34 pounds.

Featuring built-in solar panels, you never need to worry about it running out of power at a bad time.

A single sunny day is enough to power a week’s worth of function.

So, it is safe to list this as one of the best solar camera for chicken coop.

But, you need to ensure your area gets adequate sunlight every 7 days, year round.

If by chance, your internet goes down, the Lynx will store 72 hours’ worth of data that can be uploaded to the cloud later.

Cloud storage is free for all. With the Tend Secure Mobile App, data can be stored for 7 days.

One feature, here to note that is not commonly found in outdoor security coop camera is the Lynx‘s facial recognition capability.

This aids in the reduction of false alarms, as well as enhance security by sending alert notifications to your phone when an unfamiliar face is detected.


  • Solar power
  • Full HD video sent directly to your device via the App
  • Free cloud storage
  • Intelligent facial recognition
  • Motion detection ability

Check Price on Amazon

  1. Canary Flex HD Security Camera

The Canary Flex brings about a good balance of features, but shines when it comes to use in outdoor. The unit is double-powered i.e plug-in or wire-free depending on personal preference.

It’s easy and compact to install

The Canary Flex is sturdily designed, especially when compared to competitors in the same price range. It’s weatherproofing is extremely tough.

This camera is tested as snow proof, rain-proof, and functions from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its motion detection functionality sends alerts directly to your phone. This camera is packed with a range of features including a 360-degree swiveling base.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can stream video to Echo Show. Its night vision is operated automatically, switching on in low lighting.


  • Enjoy 2-3 month of battery life
  • Allows connection with Alexa
  • Night Vision
  • Full Hd Video
  • One-touch emergency services
  • Automatic mode and Wi-Fi integration
  • Built-in microphone and speaker

Check Price on Amazon

best solar camera for chicken coop

Best Surveillance Camera for Chicken Coop Under $300

This section features the best camera for chicken coops in the mid-range price points. Enjoy this list of exceptional products at moderate cost.

  1. NETATMO Presence Outdoor Security Camera

This camera comes with a recognition software that allows it detect predators, cars, people and respond appropriately.

How cool is that?

It comes with an integrated floodlight that can be set to trigger in motion, scaring away wild animals and intruders as well as providing a light source.

It is armed with infrared night vision, records in 1080p, and offers a 100-degree field of view.

You can stream video footage directly to your smartphone, allowing you take a look at your property whenever you like.

The Presence lets you store video feed for free on the camera’s micro SD card or, opt to upload them to your cloud storage account including Dropbox.

You won’t be pressured to break out the exotic tools for this service since the camera is simple to DIY install and can replace an outdoor light fixture.

Barely weighing over 2 pounds, this unit can be placed almost anywhere in your chook coop for security and light.


  • Reports events in Real-time
  • Integrated floodlight
  • 100 – 240-volt power supply
  • Free storage via Dropbox
  • Device compatibility over Wi-Fi
  • Smart precision alerts

Check Price on Amazon

Best Security Camera for My Chicken Coop Under $400

At this price range, you’re paying a little more for either a built-in network of security camera or for either higher-end features.

A lot of these units are also tougher, smaller, or more discreet.

  1. Logitech Circle 2 Outdoor Security Camera

The Logitech Circle 2 Combo Pack includes 2 indoor/outdoor wired cameras with built-in microphones and a camera mounting accessory.

They are not battery-powered only, they need to be connected to your home’s power supply.

The advantage of this is that your cameras cannot be switched off unexpectedly or you never have to worry about changing the batteries.

The con is that they do not function when there is a power blackout in the area.

Both of these units are armed with 180 degrees, 1080 lenses with night vision functionality, allowing you to have a clearer view of a wide area.

The added window mount allows you to use a device safely inside while still being able to see outside. The mount attaches to any glass pane and can be removed without damaging it.

One unique thing about that the Logitech offers that sets it apart from competing brands is the time-elapse brief.

This capability lets you see the last 24 hours of activity around or in your home, compressed into a 30-second recap.

The unit also includes 24 hours of cloud storage. Upgrade to the Circle Safe Subscription Plan for a wide range of security benefits.


  • Smart alerts
  • Advanced motion detection and filtering
  • 1080p full HD and night vision
  • Setup is simple and  can be controlled through the App
  • Time-lapse Day Brief

Check Price on Amazon

  1. Ring Floodlight Camera

This multipurpose unit combines almost all the whistles and bells you might desire in a security camera.

It comes with an HD video feed with night vision capability but adds so much more.

The Ring Floodlight comes with 2 ultra-bright floodlights. This floodlight is great for people who prefer to simplify their security coop strategy because they don’t need many devices.

The 3k lumen LED lights bear a wide projection area to brightly light up any area around the coop where you need extra security.

This floodlight is great for people who want to simplify their security strategy because they don’t need multiple devices.

If those aren’t enough to insure the security of your home, the siren will. The camera’s built-in siren is audible and can go loud as high as 110 decibels.

This can be used to chicken predators or intruders off your property.

It is the second best camera for chicken coop on our list today.

The Ring Floodlight’s high tech motion detection will alert you to potential problems through phone, Pc, or tablet.

An optional app allows you to control the device remotely, letting you sound the alarm or flash the light. You can also command it by voice through Amazon Echo.


  • Full HD video
  • Facial detection enabled
  • Wide-angle motion sensors
  • Battery powered
  • 110-decibel siren
  • Two LED floodlights

Check Price on Amazon

Best Chicken Outdoor Security Camera Under $500

Paying for gadgets at this price point, expect solidly built devices with multiple functions that will last even under difficult weather conditions.

  1. Arlo Pro 2 by Netgear

What will 500 dollars get you? Many features and maximum safety of your birds and home. This dual camera set excels at deterrence, detection, and ease of use.

The Arlo Pro 2 has 3 different power options. The first is wireless for maximum ease of installation in areas distant from your home.

You can also have it plugged in, making it a smart option for exterior walls. Lastly, the Arlo Pro 2 with Solar Panels (sold separately).

Solar panels combine the best of both worlds. But need a certain number of sunny days to function properly.

This is considered to be the best solar camera for chicken coop.

Additionally, you can live stream feed to your phone and receive security notifications on demand. The Arlo Pro 2 also comes with a 3-second look back.

This allows you review what happened immediately before the alarm was triggered.

Both cameras offer 1080p video with automatic night vision in low lighting conditions. They also come with a robust, 100-decibel siren that triggers when an event is detected.

You can control the siren through your phone via the app.


  • Free cloud storage
  • 1080p full HD and night vision
  • Use wireless with batteries or plugged in
  • Weatherproofing for outdoor and indoor use
  • Connectivity with Alexa, Echo Show, Fire TV, Google Assistant

Check Price on Amazon


Home securities are a one-time investment that can pay off, big time, down the line especially when you buy the best camera for chicken coop.  Because it will have solid basics: reliable, good image quality, and easy to operate.

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