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Generally, birds/chicks at 6 weeks will try to fly out of a brooder. During this time, the best thing to do is to move them to a coop where freedom can be enjoyed.

Being free-range animals, birds require a roaming area with adequate feeding for them to be happy, and productive.

It is important to provide your bird’s warmth especially during winter, when temperatures range from super cold to ice cold.

This is where using the best heat pad for chicken coop comes in.

Here at, we help you make the best picks so you can do homesteading like a PRO!.

In this review, we walk you through the best heat pad for chicken coop in the market.

We also walk you through tips that will help you use these accessories correctly

Top Best Heat Pad for Chicken Coop (Recommended):

Now, knowing what you’ll learn today, you will be able to use your budget to get the best product(s).

In this section, we help you make the best selection of top quality chicken coop heaters. Take a look at our top picks:

  • K&H Products Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad-Black


This is one of the best K&H products you will ever find. It has a heating pad.

Aside this, it is one of the cheapest products you will ever come across in leading online shopping platforms and stores. However, that’s not all.

We went further and uncovered even more amazing features of this unit. They include:

  • When baby chickens sit on the pad, they obtain warmth.
  • You can mount this product vertically or horizontally. Because it releases heat, it works perfectly outside or inside the coop.
  • It comes with chew-resistant screws, edges, and other components.
  • It is highly energy-efficient. At only 25 watts, K&H Thermo Chicken heater with a pad consumes less energy.
  • Buyers who have questions regarding this product enjoy toll-free customer support from the manufacturer, 24/7.
  • The moment you opt for this heater, you are putting money on a MET-certified device. It means you will have become part of a community of poultry farmers that uses safety assured and electrically standardized accessories in the United States and beyond.
  • Buyers enjoy up to 1-warranty

  • Sunbeam Heating Pad 

When used correctly, this heat pad for chicken coop does a great job of keeping your birds warm.

Personally, I’ve not encountered fire issues or the product burning with this device and I have used it according to the manual.

When misused or when you completely cover the connector, this unit might give you issues. It heats up fast and does get very hot.

It features 4 setting to pick from, but in most cases, the 2 lowest settings do the job. The heat doesn’t fade away during use and is a constant heat.

The fabric is super soft on one side. The back side with all the directions and caution notes is the felt fabric that is also common for heat pads.

I highly recommend this chicken coop heat pad.



  • Includes an 110-volt heating insert and a 6-foot power cord
  • Internal thermostats regulate the heating system to the veterinarian recommended temperature of 102.5°F (39°C)
  • Operation is simple with its digital LED controller that lets you switch between 4 personalized heat settings; 2 hour auto shutoff feature helps you conserve energy and prevents excessive heating
  • It is soft and allows for easy care.
  • Features a Machine washable fabric pad in microplush backed with SoftTouch offers the highest comfort for daily use
  • The King size/XL pad measures 12 inches x 24 inches to large areas of the coop; also features an extra long 9 foot power cord
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Durable and offers long service years

Importance of Using Chicken Coop Heaters

When it comes to ensuring chickens are warm, it is not all the times you provide extra-heat. During summer, for instance, there is a higher risk of fire hazard.

But it becomes a necessity in their coop during cold weather and this is why we have so many heaters in the market.

Plus, newly hatched chicks can hardly survive cold weather or frostbite.

So, the primary way of saving them from pre-mature death caused by cold is installing a top-quality heater in the coop. It is the best thing you can do to aid their growth naturally.

When To Use a Coop Heater

First, chicks need more heat than cockerels or adult hens.

Chick’s core temperature after hatching is lower than 103 degrees Fahrenheit compared to that of adults-which fall in the range of 105 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, it is vital that chicks get their heat until a certain stage. And while at it, it is important to ensure there is proper ventilation in the coop to avoid fire hazards.

Warm Chickens Without Burning Your Coop Down

Understand that in warming your coop, there is always a risk of fire hazard. So, it is important to always remember the following:

  • You should inspect electrical installation in the coop to ensure there are no frayed wires. You don’t want to have a situation where your chicken’s house burn to ashes as a result of a fire breakout. So, make sure the wires have proper insulation at all points.
  • If possible, fence the heating source so that chickens do not get to it easily. When possible, avoid electrical heating.

Other means of heating coops such as compost, deep litter, insulation, use of solar heat collectors and thermal mass will save you from having to regularly check on the state of warmth in the cook and worries about fire hazards.

  • Avoid smoking around the coop because an ember of a simple spark falling off your cigar could start a fire and the end could be disastrous. It could get more catastrophic  if something like this happens in the middle of the night when you are fast asleep.


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