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Basically all chickens lay eggs; however, not all egg laying chicken breeds are high level egg producers. It is absolutely true that when you decide to raise chickens, it is very important that you have a clear goal for why you really want to raise them.

If you plan to raise chickens for their eggs, then find out which chickens are considered to be among the best egg laying chicken breeds.

This is because all chickens will lay some eggs, but there are chicken breeds of egg layers that may be better suited for meat production or to keep as a pet.

Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

The following breeds are best known as being top producing laying egg chicken breeds.


The white Leghorn chicken is probably what most people think of when they think of chickens. It is one of the most common chicken breeds kept for eggs.

It is white with a red single comb and yellow beak. It produces extra large white eggs starting at the age of 4 weeks. It can withstand cold winters and can adapt to being in a backyard coop.

Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock chicken is a dual purpose breed that produces very large brown eggs beginning at the age of four weeks. It weighs anywhere from seven to eight pounds and has a single comb. This chicken is able to live in backyards and also is able to withstand very cold winter months.

It is very even-tempered, which is one reason why it is best suited for the backyard. It will be quite content in a fenced area of your yard.


The Ancona is a Mediterranean chicken that weights about six to seven pounds. It is an excellent egg producer and will begin laying eggs around five weeks of age. It produces large white eggs. It also is able to withstand cold winters as well.

Even though you can raise this chicken in your backyard, it is not a very friendly type of chicken. As a result, it is one of the best egg laying chicken breeds available, but it would not be considered a good pet for a child because of its temperament.


The Australorp has many wonderful traits. Not only is it considered to be among the best egg laying chicken breeds, but it is also very well suited for living in your backyard.

As a matter of fact, because of its very docile temperament, this chicken breed would be an excellent pet for a child. The chicken’s feathers are a glossy black with green and purple flecks. This chicken can produce large brown eggs after five weeks of age.


The Catalana chicken weights six to seven pounds. Although this particular bird is another one that is considered to be a good chicken breed for egg laying, it does not like to be kept in confined places.

This particular bird is very well known in places such as Spain and South America. It produces medium sized eggs that are cream in color.


The Chantecler is viewed as a Canadian chicken, which means that it is capable of weathering very cold winters. This bird weighs seven to eight pounds and has a cushioned comb.

It will start laying large brown eggs after four weeks of age. Because it is a docile and well mannered breed, it is good to have as a pet in a backyard chicken coop.


The Cubalaya is a chicken that originated in the Philippines, but is mostly found in Cuba. It is a beautiful bird that is mainly used for show. However, this seven pound bird begins producing medium sized cream eggs after about four weeks of age.

Although this bird will adapt to confinement in your backyard, it is not known for being a friendly spirited bird. The males are considered to be very forceful when they come into contact with other Cubalaya male chickens.

Egg Laying Easter Eggers

The Easter Egger gets its name because it lays very large to extra large blue to green colored eggs. Sometimes you might even find a pink egg in the nesting box of this particular bird. It is a six pound chicken with a pea comb.

It will begin laying eggs when it is at least four weeks old. It is capable of adapting to harsh winters and will allow you to fence it up in your backyard. In addition, this chicken is usually on all lists for good egg laying chicken breeds.


The Faverolles chicken is listed as one of many egg laying chicken breeds, but it has a few things about it that makes it stand out from the rest of the breeds.

Although it is usually around seven to eight pounds, its appearance makes it look even bigger because of its fluffy face and body.

In addition, other chickens normally have four toes on each foot, but Faverolles have five toes.

It has a single comb and can produce medium sized cream colored eggs. Also, Faverolles will tolerate both harsh winters and backyard confinement.

As a matter of fact, they have a very friendly temperament that will make them perfect candidates for pets.

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