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There are chicken breeds that lay blue eggs, you know why? Because white eggs are boring.

What Breed of Chicken Lays Blue Eggs

Okay, that’s not entirely true. Some chicken breeds get a little creative when laying their eggs and that’s why you notice even within single breeds of chicken, there are color variations in the color depth of their eggshells.

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What Breed of Chicken Lays Blue Eggs

Below, we get off the mold and introduce our selves to breeds of chicken that lay blue eggs;

  • The Ameraucana Chicken

Yes, it’s a mouthful to pronounce but the best part is they lay blue eggs!

The Ameraucana is considered to be an easy-going chicken breed, sweet and hardy they’re usually called. They have blue colored legs, most likely inspired by their blue eggs.

  • The Cream Legbar Chickens

The Cream Legbar chickens are a breed of chicken that is very famous for avoiding predators and staying outdoors.

A cool fact about them is their gender is easily differentiated upon hatching, this phenomenon is called ‘Autosexting’.

They have their origins traced back to Great Britain and they lay eggs whose color range between light turquoise, sky blue, and rarely slight green.

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  • Easter Egger Chickens

The Easter eggers are a mixed-breed type of chicken that lay not just blue eggs; green, rose, brown olive, to mention a few.

They do not align with the standard of any breed. However, they’re quite sporadic; friendly, hardy and they lay well during the winter periods.

Whatever the type of breed you’re after, do well to look over the breed’s characteristics and personality. But if you’re just after that blue shiny egg, these are the Chicken breed that lay blue eggs.

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