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Know more about what chicken breed are auto sexed and those that are not.

As every yard poultry farmers know, when raising chickens, you will very likely end up with a higher number of the different chicken breeds than intended and thus the need to increase the number of fading chicken breeds.

 It takes just a solitary rooster to cover over different breeds of, let’s say twenty hens, in an attempt to keep the breed type alive.

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 Now, there are times where this method doesn’t work thanks to nature’s effectively for coming to the rescue; there are ways some breeds of chicken can be Auto sexed.

What Chicken Breed Are Auto Sexed

 Here are breeds of auto sexed chicken

  •  Black Star 

 The black star breed, they have a black feathering upon their backs, down to their beaks and chook.

Some times, they come in yellow coloration upon their feather.

 Although, this is depending on the kind of mating between the hen and rooster. 

 They usually lay from brown to a faint yellow-colored egg.

 They share a crossbreed with the New Hampshire rooster, the barred rock, and the golden bluff breed; due to this link, they can be auto-sexed just right after they have been hatched. 

What Chicken Breed Are Auto Sexed

  • The Cream Legbar

 The Cream Legbar breed is a British chicken breed that has been around for over a hundred years of age, yet it is still somewhat uncommon in the United States. 

 This uncommon, peaked chicken lays sky-blue eggs, is an expert forager, and is a very friendly chicken breed among other chicken and equally with humans too.

 The Cream Legbar has been with the United States for a couple of years now, and poultry farmers are looking to optimize the entire advantage of this breed.

 The Cream Legbar chicken breed can be easily auto sexed, and as such, it is an excellent choice for poultry farmers looking to multiply their flock. 

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