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Every chicken breed has specific qualities that influence the colors of their eggshells.

 What chicken breed lay colored eggs? The Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, and Easter Egger hens are all-inclusive. 

 Regardless of the shading, hens require sufficient nourishment to lay eggs with solid, defensive shells. 

 The color on an eggshell is unique to every hen, also depending upon her breed and hereditary qualities. 

 The eggshell coloration doesn’t change the content of the egg; it’s only an enhancement of its beauty.

 You can almost tell the egg color a hen will lay or lays when you take a look at the color of their ear flap(cartilage).

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 Hens with white ear cartilage commonly lay white or delicately tinted eggs. However, some scenarios prove these to be false. 

 Easter Eggers can lay eggs with different types of coloration, from blue to green, even pink. 

 Olive Eggers are relatively named for the olive-colored eggs they mostly lay.

What Chicken Breed Lay Colored Eggs

 Chicken Breeds That Lay Colored Eggs

 When it comes to egg-laying, white is not considered a color when others come to mind; green, blue, olive, etc. 

 If you are looking to add color to your collection of egg selection, these are chicken breeds to keep in mind. 

  •  Arauncans 

 They usually lay blue eggs, and they find their origin in the country of Chile. They come without a tail head (rumpless). The arauncans have such a mild temperament.

  • Ameraucans

 The eggs they lay comes in a vast majority of colors. However, blue eggs are a lot more common than others. 

  • Easter Egger

Do you know what chicken breed lays colored eggs? The Easter Egger!

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Regardless of whichever breed you choose, be prepared to give your eyes a treat at the beautifully colored eggs these breeds have to offer. 

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