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It’s a fact, Chicken eggs are grouped based on their sizes, and you may be astonished to find out that a small-sized egg significantly impacts where a Hen’s position on a farm would be. 

 The weight that is, practically down to the ounce.

 What decides egg weight? Certain breeds are precisely grown for the sizes of their eggs. 

 All hens start laying from small-sized eggs; then they gradually improve on their sizes over time. 

 For many modern-day breeds, most hens begin laying Jumbo sized eggs just a little over 40 weeks old.

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 Factors Guiding a Chicken Laying Jumbo Egg

 The Bodyweight of a hen hugely impacts the size of the egg laid. So, to lay big eggs, you should have a big hen. And whatever it takes to have a big hen, feeding, treatment, overall provision, and lots of space, and also ensuring their protein levels are high. 

What Chicken Breed Lay Jumbo Egg

 What Chicken Breed Lay Jumbo Eggs?

  •  Minorca 

 The Minorca, they have white ear cartilage and are the friendliest and the biggest of all the Mediterranean breeds to raise.

 They lay at least, 200 eggs yearly and are known to be quite big, a lot more prominent than the white eggs of any Chicken breed.

  • Lohmann Brown

 The Lohmann Brown,They standout among other chicken breeds for their incredible egg-laying stamina. 

A German genetics company created them from the genes of the New Hampshire Chickens, among other brown egg-laying hens.

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These chickens are champions at what they do. 

Lohmann Browns begin laying enormous sized eggs following 4-5 months from incubating. 

You can expect around 300 delightful brown coloured and incredibly huge eggs a year from your Lohmann brown-skinned -feathered- hen. 

Now you know the breed of chicken that lays Jumbo eggs, about time you begin to rear one now!

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