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You may be interested in hens that lay a decent amount of white eggs for your morning meal table, in this article, we run down a major on a few chicken breeds that lay incredible white eggs. 

 More often than not, you can determine what shade of egg a hen will lay by taking a look at the colour of her ear-flap. 

 White ear-lobes should create white eggs. Yet, this isn’t generally the situation as there are chickens with red ear-flaps that produce white eggs and sometimes blue coloured eggs. 

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 An ideal approach to discover what colour of egg the breed lays is to look into its records, as they give statistical analysis on the history of eggs laid by a particular hen, giving you an idea of what colour to expect. 

 What Chicken Breed Lay White Eggs

  • Leghorn 

 Both the White and Brown Leghorn lay white coloured eggs. 

The White Leghorn is the one that lays the most eggs every year.

 Although, the Brown Leghorn isn’t a bad egg-layer after all.

 They usually weight around 2.2kg (5Ibs); they begin laying from just over three months old. 

What Chicken Breed Lay White Eggs

  • California White Chicken 

 The California White Chicken breed is a handy Chicken breed that lays an enormous amount of white eggs yearly.

  • The Minorcas 

 The Minorcas, excellent layers of white eggs. They are usually called the “Red Faced Black Chicken.” 

 They have such extraordinary floppy brushes atop their comb that fall to one side of the Chicken’s head to flaunt their white ear-flaps. 

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 They are likewise the greatest and biggest of all the Mediterranean breeds.

 They lay a whooping amount of up to 200 white eggs yearly, and they really could get aggressive during human contact. 

 Whatever it is, you need those shiny white eggs, these white egg-laying breed of Chicken should be hugely considered. 

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