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If you want to know what chicken breed lays black eggs then you definitely love having some attention grabbing birds in your chicken coop.

The Ayam Cemani chicken breed is an exotic bird with Indonesian origins. It’s 100% black, featuring feathers with a metallic sheen.

Its skin is even black, has a black beak, black comb, and black feathers.

Need I add that all of its internal organs are black too?


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Eggs are cream colored and medium in size. The Ayam Cemani has a cyclical laying pattern where they will lay 20-30 eggs, then stop for a while before they continue! In this manner they will lay around 80 eggs per year.

Having strong roots from Indonesia, this chicken has a black heart – literally! It is one of the few melanistic chickens known to man.

What Chicken Breed Lays Black Eggs

It is highly respected in its own land as it supposedly has magical powers and can communicate with the spirit world. Arguably, it has been said to be a good luck charm.

Feathers, Internal organs, and skin – all black. The blood is also said to be a darker red than normal.

Although only brought to Europe (1998), they are becoming increasingly popular here in the United States driven by the novelty of being completely black.

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Their plumage can shimmer a beetle-green iridescence in the sunlight, a beautiful sight.

So, if this breed doesn’t poop dark egg, what chicken breed lays dark eggs?

First, Let’s learn what a black egg yolk means

What Does A Black Egg Yolk Mean?

If you find an egg with an off-color egg white, DO NOT EAT IT. Green or Black spots inside the egg – are signs of fungal or bacterial contamination of the egg.

What Chicken Breed Lays black Eggs?


Only Emu and Owakudani lay black eggs.

Now, you know what dark eggs are.

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  • Emu:

A matured Emu – Dromaius novaehollandiae) eggs can be black.

In fact, Smaller Emu birds between the age of 18 months and above lay normal green color small eggs. With time, as they grow, they begin laying darker, bigger (eggs) with black spots, (that is,) somewhat embossed dark black spots.

At times, the black spots are so dense that they appear black.

Note: Not all Emu Eggs look black, but some are

  • Owakudani:

Owakudani, meaning the Great Bolling Valley is situated in the mountain town of Hakone. One can walk up the 1 km path or take an aerial tram up to the hot springs.

On clear days either route delivers amazing views of the ominous Mt. Fuji. Once the springs are attained, black eggs or Kuro-tamago, can be bought 5 at a time.

The eggs are ordinary chicken eggs but the shell become black as a result of being boiled in the hot sulphur spring.

Local folktale has it that for each black egg eaten, 7 years is added to the eater’s life. But, some say that consuming more than 2 is not recommended.

Ayam Cemani Characteristics

The Ayem Cemani is basically raised for ornamental and meat purposes. They lay around 2 eggs a week so egg laying isn’t what this melanic chicken breed is popular for.

A lot of chicken keepers here in the United states keep them for bragging rights – those tail feather are spectacular to look at.

Popularly called the “Lamborghini of poultry,” the Ayam Cemani is a friendly chicken. They  are simple to handle and lay unusually large eggs.

The black appearance is caused by fibromelanosis, which is a genetic mutation that causes the birds to contain extra melanin.

Egg color? As earlier stated, this low maintenance chicken lays white eggs that have a pinkish hue. And this is a cold hardy breed similar to the Orpinton and Australorp!

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