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What Chicken Breed Lays Green Eggs?

The Easter Egger, Isbar, Olive Egger etc lay green egg. Read on to get more profile on each breed.

What Chicken Breed Lays Green Eggs

We all at some point love checking our ladies and finding different colors of eggs in the coop. A green colored egg might be all the happiness you need to brighten your day!

What Chicken Breed Lays Green Eggs?

If you have read about What chicken breed lays blue eggs, you may have a bit of an idea as to how green colored eggs came to be.

Every egg started out white in color.


The egg color differences then come about by pigment being added to the shell during the moment that the egg comes out the chickens oviduct.

When and what pigment type is added determines the final color of the egg.

Many chickens that lay green eggs have a blue egg base that then gets a brown egg tint put over top at the end of the egg formation process.

The end result as you already guess is green chicken eggs!

  1. Isbar

Perhaps, Isbar chicken breed is the only purebred chicken that lays chicken.

Having origins in Sweden, these birds lay varying colors of green eggs, at times with brown spots. Isbar’s are said to be a rare breed.

Another cool fact about this breed is that they are autosexing – this means that you can tell at hatch.


  1. Easter Egger

Easter Eggers, while popularly known as a breed are not a real purebred chicken. They are simply a cross of a blue egg layer with a brown egg layer.

They are a friendly and rugged blue egg laying chicken breed.

Easter Eggers are above average year round layers of medium sized green eggs.

  1. Favaucana – Faverolles X Ameraucana

Favaucana’s are one of the chicken breeds that lay green eggs that are also techinically considered to be an Easter Egger.

You can create your own Favaucana’s by breeding faverolles and Ameraucanas.

Or, you can order them at some hatcheries like MyPetChicken.

Which chicken breed lays green eggs?

  1. Olive Egger

Similarly, the Olive egger is a type of Easter Egger. From their name, Olive eggers are a name for chickens that lays green eggs which are dark olive green in color.

Olive Eggers are a cross of a chicken that lays blue eggs with a chicken that lays a dark brown egg.

The blue egg has the brown tint added on making the egg look olive green. You can mix in chickens that lay darker chocolate colored eggs to get darker olive colored eggs.

Why Would You Want Chickens That Lay Green Eggs?

The primary purpose of getting chickens that lay green eggs is just to add a little color and fun to your egg basket.

Plus, if you are trying to make money raising chickens colored egg layers are always a popular choice for chicks to sell.

Another beneficial thing to having chickens that lay colored (or green) eggs in your flock is it can help you tell which chickens are and are not laying.


Are Green Eggs Different Than Other Eggs?

Green chicken eggs are evidently unique from other eggs in color. That’s the idea behind wanting one,. Right? However, in terms of nutrition, taste, and all of the actual egg components, no, green eggs are no different than other colored eggs.

Lastly, chickens that lay green eggs start laying eggs around the same time as other chicken breeds.

Now, you know what chicken breed lays green eggs, feel free to share with family and friends.


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