Unveiling the Top Chicken Breeds That Lay Speckled Eggs


As a homesteader mom, one of my favorite things about raising chickens is the variety of eggs they lay. Some of the most visually appealing eggs are speckled eggs, which come from certain chicken breeds. Here are some of the top chicken breeds that I love for their beautiful speckled eggs:

  1. Plymouth Rock: I love my Plymouth Rock chickens for their docile nature and brown eggs with stunning speckles.

    They come in beautiful colors, so they add some variety to my flock.

  2. Welsummer: My Welsummer chickens are always curious and friendly, which makes them great for families withchildren.
    Their dark brown speckled eggs are also one of my favorites.

    Having a Type B build, the Welummers are great foragers that lay large chocolate-brown eggs with darker speckles and do well with cold and heat.These friendly, intelligent lays are one of the sweetest-tempered birds you can have in your flock.In fact, it is our best all-around chicken pick!

  3. Marans: The Marans chicken is a hardy breed that adapts well to different climates. Their calm and docile personalities make them great for backyard flocks, and their deep chocolate brown speckled eggs are simply gorgeous.The more common brown eggs are pale in comparison to the deep-brown eggs the French Maran lays.The Maran French chicken breeds are calm, friendly birds of medium size and Type B build. They come in blue, splash, blue copper, wheaten, solid black and a couple of other colors still being developed.Black Copper Marans are easygoing chickens with feathered feet that lay really dark chocolate-brown eggs.
    Generally, brown eggs are graded on a scale of 0-9, 0 being white, and 9 a deep, dark brown. You want your Marans egg color to be 5-9.
    Marans are not true Marans unless it lays at least 4-5.
  4. Easter Egger: The Easter Egger is a hybrid breed that lays eggs in different colors, including blue, green, pink, and speckled. I love the variety they add to my egg carton, and their friendly personalities make them great pets for my kids. Easter Eggers don’t lay speckles more often like the rest… but when they do, they sure are pretty to the eyes!
  5. Barnevelder: My Barnevelder chickens are known for their large, deep brown speckled eggs. They are friendly and do well in colder climates, which makes them perfect for my homestead.
  6. Sussex: The Sussex chicken is a British breed that comes in different colors, including speckled. Their friendly personalities make them great pets for my family, and they do well in free-range environments.
  7. Buckeye: My Buckeye chickens are independent and hardy, which makes them great for free-range environments. They lay deep brown speckled eggs, which are a beautiful addition to my egg carton.
  8. Penedesenca: Penedesencas have their origins in Spain and are noted for laying some of the darkest brown eggs of any breed.Their eggs are beautiful to see, a dark, dark, reddish brown color. Having a Type A body build, Penedesencas are alert and wary of their environment. If you go out on a daily basis and offer them treats, and don’t move too quickly, they will become more docile. Penedesencas have what is called a “Cresta en Clavell”, also known as King’s Comb or carnation comb, which begins as a single love at the front, parting into different lobes in the back.

It’s worth noting that not all hens within a breed will lay speckled eggs. Egg color can vary based on factors such as age and diet, so even within a single flock of a particular breed, you may see variations in egg color and pattern.

If you’re interested in keeping chickens that lay speckled eggs, it’s important to choose a breed that suits your needs and preferences. Some breeds are more docile and friendly, while others are more active and independent. Additionally, some breeds may be better suited to cold climates, while others may do better in warmer environments.

It’s also important to consider the size of your flock and the amount of space you have available. Some breeds, like the Welsummer, can be quite large and require more space than smaller breeds like the Easter Egger.

In addition to choosing the right breed, you’ll also need to provide your chickens with a comfortable and safe living environment. This includes a spacious coop with proper ventilation, nesting boxes for laying eggs, and a secure outdoor area for them to roam and forage.

Feeding your chickens a healthy and balanced diet is also essential for egg production and overall health. Commercial chicken feed is readily available and provides all the nutrients your chickens need, but you can also supplement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as occasional treats like mealworms or scratch grains.

Overall, keeping chickens that lay speckled eggs can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. With the right breed, environment, and care, you can enjoy a steady supply of colorful and delicious eggs straight from your backyard.

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Many breeds will lay a speckled egg as a result of a small glitch in the biological system that adds a brown coating to the egg.

Note: Brown eggs are basically white eggs with one or more layers of brown coating.

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Dark brown egg layers are at higher chance of experiencing this defect. Many a time, my Marans have laid speckled eggs.

Marans, Empordanesa, Easter Eggers, Barenevelders, and Penedesenca. Welsummers lay speckled eggs as a matter of course; it’s a breed trait.

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