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Do you want to what chicken breed lays the largest eggs?

It’s the Leghorn chicken breed!

Want to know more, read on….

The beauty about raising chicken for eggs is that you not only want them to lay eggs consistently but you want them to lay the largest eggs possible.

You can make this possible by providing them access to clean water; feed and making sure they are happy and healthy.

What Chicken Breed Lays the Largest Eggs

As you might already have heard, egg sizes often depend on the chicken age: the older the chicken, the bigger the egg will be.

That being said, the largest egg in the world was laid by a chicken that was only six months old!

So, what chicken breed lays the biggest eggs?

Here are the egg laying breeds we recommend for larger eggs.

  • Leghorns – Large White Eggs

Do not be fooled by their small size. The leghorn chicken breed not only lays the largest eggs, but also plenty of them! Leghorns are some of the best producers of delicious white eggs, laying about 300 eggs per year.

They’re also easy to raise for beginners and are hardy in nature.

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  • Welsummer – Unique Large Dark Brown Eggs

This large bird needs more space to live and explore. But the Welsummer breed will reward your efforts with yummy large chocolate brown eggs!

You may notice that their color gets lighter the more they lay. This is because the pretty dark brown color is only added at the end of the process.

You can even rub it on yourself. They lay about one hundred and 60 (160) eggs per year for you, which is average in chickens.

What Chicken Breed Lays the Largest Eggs

  • Easter Egger (Ameraucana) – Large And Colorful Eggs

A great egg layer, you can only guess their egg color until they begin laying. That’s because they can be from green to cream, even blue!

As soon as they begin laying, they’ll be consistent with the same color of large eggs each time, and they’ll lay frequently.

With a production rate of 250 eggs per year, they’re definitely on our list of the best egg layers you can get.

  • Rhode Island Red – Large Eggs Constantly

Yet another prolific egg layer, Rhode Island Reds are one of the most popular birds out there, and for good reason!

They have a tendency of laying about 300 large eggs each year. They’re simple to handle and quite hardy.

And although they can get jerky at times, they’ll definitely enjoy your company, and you’ll easily enjoy theirs!

  • Buff Orpington – Large Eggs, Big Heart

One of our most loved chickens; the Orpington’s is a great choice for larger eggs and are great pets too. With an incredibly docile nature, they’re some of the friendliest breeds out there.

Although large, they adapt well to confined spaces and are hardy.

ISA Browns will produce large eggs, and they’ll lay more often than you can eat them.

With an amazing production rate of 350 eggs per year, these girls will surprise you with the amount of large light-brown eggs they can lay.

They’re also super affectionate and robust towards humans, which make them the perfect egg laying chicken for beginners who are on the prowl for large and consistent eggs!

Now, you know what chicken breed lays the largest eggs, let us know what you think in the comment section! Thanks!!

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