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What chicken breed lives the longest?

Have you heard of Matilda – the holder of the Guinness Book of World Record for the Longest living chicken?

Matilda is said to have descended from the Red Pyle color variation of the Old English Game breed. It is believed that her inability to lay eggs, and indoor life contributed to the long life span.

I understand how attached we can get to our chooks and become sad after they pass away shortly.

So, today, I did deep research and collected experiences from honest chicken holders to learn how old their chickens lived for and their breed and age.

what chicken breed lives the longest

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What Chicken Breed Lives the Longest?

In my experience, I would say Mutts live the longest/


Because mutts have the most diverse genetic pool of any chicken especially after many generations of breeding with more and more diverse birds… They appear to be the strongest, the healthiest and most robust birds and the best dual purpose chickens… And the most beautifully diverse!

  1. Bantams… Age- 10

  2. EE production red X Ameraucana cross…. Age – 18

  3. Quechua…. Age- 7

  4. Black Jersey Giant hen, from hatchery, Age- 11

  5. Oh yes, Japanese bantam cock, from hatchery, Age -12

  6. Large Fowl Old English, Age – 11

  7. White Cochin Roo who lived to be 13

  8. Black Naked Neck Hen that is 10 years old

  9. White leghorn 8 and ½

  10. Hamburg, 8 and ½

  11. Splash Naked Neck, 7 years

  12. Blue Andulusian Hen, 7 years

  13. Red naked neck, 7 years

  14. Barred Rock, 7 years old

  15. Belgian bearded d’Uccle (Barbu d’Uccle) 15 years old

Truth is any chicken could live for longer years if they lived the majority of their life indoors, inside a large wire cage, where they enjoy a stable, protected environment year-round.

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Now, you know what chicken breed lives the longest, let’s hear your opinion using the comment section below.



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