Guide on What Chicken Breed To Choose

Here is a complete guide on what chicken breed to choose.

If you are considering poultry farming of any kind, choosing the right breed of chicken can prove to be a challenging task – specifically for beginners.

We have a lot of different breeds of chicken needless to say hundreds of them.

The first step is the decision process and a lot of things to consider; your lifestyle, the amount of space you have, the weather condition, and the right reason you are looking to rear one perhaps for meat, their egg, or merely as a pet.

What Chicken Breed To Choose

Choosing The Right Breed Of Chicken

As mentioned above, you need to decide the right reason you intend to raise chickens before anything else, and then you move on to these;

* If you wish to raise chicken for the sole purpose of egg production, then you choose among breeds of chicken that are high egg-producing then look to the calm kinds if you intend on raising them purely as pets.

  • Meat Producing Breeds

For chicken breeds that grow fast and have succulent meat, you should look toward rearing any of these breeds; The Jersey Giants, the Cornish, Red Ranger, Freedom Ranger, and The Brahma; for these are perfect breeds for meat production.

  • Egg Producing Breeds

If you’re after their freshly laid eggs, you can choose from any of these breeds; Campine, Rhode Island, Leghorn, Buff Orpington, Hamburg, Fayoumi, Plymouth Rock Chickens…, these breeds of chicken produce eggs almost daily.

  • Meat And Egg Producing Breed

Well, if you’re after a combination of these two, these breeds should be on your checklist;

Australorp, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Sussex, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, The Buff Orpington, these breeds are very good for dual-purpose production.

  • For Pets

To raise them as pets, the bantam varieties of chickens are all friendly and are a good pick.

There are a lot more types of chicken breeds out there. However, this article focused on what chicken breed to choose should point you in the right direction in your hunt for the right chicken breed.

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