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What chicken breeds are the friendliest? Find out!

We all love a friendly breed of chicken. Right off the bat, they are fun to take care of, and they show such affection towards us that we can’t help but remain awed.

A rough guess that you are considering raising chicken on your newly cleared out yard. Now, second thought comes to mind, what chicken breed is the friendliest?

I mean, these are frequently asked questions that when you ask someone who raises an aggressive chicken breed, they most likely will want to opt-out and stick to the friendly chicken breed.

There are a lot of friendly chicken breeds out there for you to consider as you construct a tame, carefree group of patio chickens.

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What Chicken Breeds Are The Friendliest?

What Chicken Breeds are the Friendliest?

Now you realize what to search for in a friendly chicken breed, here are the absolute most well known cordial chicken breeds.

  • The Plymouth Rock Friendly Chicken Breed

Plymouth Rocks are anything but difficult to discover, which is a piece of great news – they’re one of the friendliest chicken breeds you’ll find and one you’ll undoubtedly need to consider adding to your lawn rush.

It doesn’t matter whichever color of this chicken breed you select; also, they are well known to be excellent egg layers.

They are very calm, and they love a jolly free-range every now and then.

  • Australorp Friendly Chicken Breed

Apart from being super friendly, this breed of chicken is known for it’s excellent dual-purpose (Eggs & Meat).

They do well very in just any type of climate condition.

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  • The Cochin Breed Of Chicken

They are friendly, fluffy, cuddly, and they are super easy to tame and handle.

They lay a decent enough amount of eggs -up to three weekly- and they know how well to mother their chicks.

It’s safe to note that the behaviours of some breeds of chickens differ from others due to very many factors; biological, hormonal, and genetics.

Whether you’re looking for a friendly breed of chicken to play with or to raise as a family, consider these as they will also supply you freshly laid eggs.

These are some of the friendliest Chicken breeds you should consider raising.

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