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Chicken Breeding Period? Spring Period!

If you do notice roosters moving and pursuing the young Hen around the yard.

Then this is a particular sign that the heat periods are just around the corner, and peeps are just about to be laid.

The breeding stage for chicken is a crucial season for them.

As they begin to exhibit behaviors based on their instincts, an example is given above, it can get complicated than we presume them to be thus this article.

Read through as we run down the standard behaviour displayed by chickens as they approach the breeding period.

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When Do Chicken Breed?

Roosters, on their own right, only think about mating all year round, and that’s accustomed to them as they look toward carrying the breed forward with an increased number. Thus, he will require a lot of Hen around him as often as possible.

During the spring season, courtship behaviors are a lot more apparent among the chicken breeds. Then the mating and breeding begin to spike high.

When Do Chicken Breed

“Tid-Bitting,” a method of locating a nibble for a particular hen and then lure her in by;

• Head-bobbing, Treat pecking and clucking, an attitude customary to a rooster during the mating period to get chicks interested in him. Doing this, he ultimately creates an impression for himself.

The Rooster will do everything within his power to keep the other males from hindering his chances of getting laid.

Unfortunately, as the Rooster gets older in age, 2-3 years and above, his age tells on him as younger and healthier roosters will begin to challenge him.

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The Hen,

Spring comes with spiky hormones, and with it comes breeding. Thus, nature kicks in, and the task of finding a mate, laying, egg sitting until they have fully hatch & nest making is one they hens begin to undergo.

During the mating process, the chicken conveys the sperm in a kiss,’ she should evert her cloaca/vent, to give way for smooth passage of the Rooster’s sperm down to her eggs.

When a hen and a rooster are done mating, they move on carrying out their regular businesses.

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