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Which Chicken Breed Is Best For Eggs?

It is needless to say; the type of chicken breed you choose has a significant impact on the number of eggs your farm should expect on a weekly and or yearly basis.

Chickens are mainly developed for their meat and or egg production, and every chicken ranch must look into the business aspect of this.

In this article, we highlight the Chicken breeds that are the best for egg-laying.

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The Best Egg Laying Chicken Breed

  • The Rhode Island Breed

Finding its origin in Rhode Island USA, They are a dual-purpose breed, and yet, they do these tremendously well.

They are commonly found just about on any chicken farm, as they can adjust to almost any yard, and they less receptive to diseases.

A Rhode Island Red chicken can lay up to 260 eggs for each year.

  • Sussex Chicken Breed

Similar to the Rhode Island Red chicken breed, this is a dual-purpose breed, which means that the chickens are grown for eggs and or meat.

This breed can be seen in up to 8 different colours, while the prevalent ones are white with black tint upon their neck and having feathers over their tails.

Which Chicken Breed Is Best For Eggs

Sussex chickens are usually very calm and easy to tame, being suitable enough to grow even in your very own backyard.

They can produce up to 250 eggs yearly.

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  • Leghorn Chicken Breed

The breed originates from the port of Livorno, Italy, from an old Italian populace.

The Leghorn Chicken Breed come in 12 different colours, while the white ones lay the most amount of egg in this breed.

Leghorn chickens have a regular yearly creation of roughly 200 eggs; sometimes, they can lay up to 280 eggs yearly.

No matter the type of chicken breed you rear, there are a few practical steps to help increase egg production for your chicken;

* Choose to rear chicken less than three years of age, as they tend to lay more eggs.

* You should feed them an average of 20 grams of protein daily

* Give them a lot of space as this allows them to put as much.

There you have it, some of the best Chicken breeds for Egg Production.


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