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Want to know which chicken breed is free range? Read on to learn more

Free-range Chickens are known to be expert foragers, mainly business minders, and they are a curious kind of animal.

These types of chicken breed love freedom, meandering as far as they can rather than being restricted by a nook all round the clock. 

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In a free-range type of chicken rearing, they are allowed to move away from their coop, walk around the garden, the yard, and the farm. In summary, we say they have free access to their yard. 

 The Benefits Of Free Ranging

Before we delve into the types of chicken breeds that love to free-range, we take a close look at the benefits of free-ranging. 

The garden and chicken both benefit from free-ranging, as the chicken stretch their legs, they also scratch a new distinct path daily. 

The increased amount of times they forage, they find more food to feed on, and this, in turn, cuts down the costs of feeding them significantly. 

Which Chicken Breed Is Free Range

Free-Range Chicken Breeds

  •  The Sussex Breed

They are tremendously friendly birds and were initially the official chicken breed of England. 

They prefer to outsource for their meals, foraging, and they are very economical in terms of food consumption.  

  •  Welsummer

 It takes more than just an effort to raise this breed of chicken as they are quite a handful; being very difficult to tame them. 

They are a dual-purpose breed, and if well fed, they would lay an enormous amount of eggs. 

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  •  The Egyptian Fayoumi

 Not known for laying a large number of eggs, but they lay just quite decent. They are very excellent for meat production, they mature fast, and they are very exceptional foragers. 

 If you’re looking to rear a free-range breed of chicken because you believe in freedom of movement? Well, those are a few breeds you should likely consider. 

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